Amazing Facts On Water

Water is something that we use on a daily basis whether to drink, wash our food or to do our laundry. The simple fact is that we do not understand enough about water.

Here are three amazing facts about water that you did not know:

Number One – Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water
Did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold water? The reason for this is that hot water has less gas in it and more convection currents (meaning that the top of the glass of water is warmer), which makes it easier to freeze. How this works is simple, warm water tends to freeze from the sides in, whereas cold water freezes all across the top and then down. Once the top layer is frozen it acts as an insulator and freezes the water at a slower rate than warm water.

Number Two – The Water Break Down
We all know that the earth’s surface is 70% water. However, here are some interesting facts on the breakdown of water. When a baby is born they are 78% water, but by the time they are one year’s old that drops to 65% and by the time a women reaches adulthood, her body only consists of 55% water.

Interestingly enough if you where to look at the amount of water in the world, the ocean holds 97% of the water. Of the remaining 3% of water, 68.7% is held in glaciers and ice caps, 30% is underground, and 3% is surface water. The surface water is further broken down into 87% lakes, 11% swamps and 2%rivers.

While this may seem like a lot of water, if you where to put a percentage of the amount of water in a human in terms of all the water on earth, humans and other mammals only hold .0003% of the earth’s water.

Number Three – Access To Potable Water
Did you know that over one billion people do not have access to potable water? Potable comes from the latin word p?t?bilis which means clean and save water to drink. The number of people without access to drinking water is in fact equivalent to the number of people living inside the United States of America multiplied by three.

Furthermore, every year three and a half million people die because of non-potable water related diseases, which is equal to the entire population of Los Angeles.

In conclusion, these are three amazing facts about water that you did not know. While some are interesting and fun to read, others (the potable water) give you an understanding on how much an effect clean water has on the human population.

I am Greg Jones, a potable water specialist for a water delivery London company. In my spare time find me hitting the local gym or watching a sports game in the pub with a few of my mates.

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