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The British appetite for American TV shows dates back to the 1990s, when the likes of FrasierFriends and ER left us wanting more. This winter marks the release of a premium selection of US TV box sets on DVD. A box set makes a great gift, and luckily some of the best new releases are available to kick start 2013.

Medical Dramas
American medical dramas have an enduring appeal in the UK. The hit series ER came to an end in April 2009 after 15 seasons and 15 years on our screens, and current US medical dramas are exhibiting comparable long-term appeal. For example, the eighth season of House was released on DVD recently and Grey’s Anatomy season 8 was released in December. House demonstrates the success of British actors starring in American TV shows, as Hugh Laurie follows in the footsteps of Alex Kingston and Parminder Nagra (long-time members of the ER cast). Starring as Dr Gregory House, Hugh Laurie radiates wit and cruelty, shining as a flawed yet sympathetic lead.

The antithesis of grumpy Dr House can be found in Jess Day, the star of hit comedy New Girl, whose first season is due to be released on DVD in December. Jess is an elementary school teacher with a quirky, positive outlook on life; played by real-life eccentric Zooey Deschanel, her odd-ball charms include replacing sentences with spontaneous songs and her own interpretations on life are priceless.

Comedy Classica
If you can’t wait for the release of New Girl, Happy Endings is an equally uplifting US sitcom, the first season of which is available on DVD. The show is hugely popular in the States, now in its third season, which won’t reach UK screens until next year. Elisha Cuthbert plays Max, a happy-go-lucky boutique owner. Her neurotic sister Jane, played by Eliza Coupe, is perhaps the most lovably annoying character since Monica from Friends – this makes for unmissable viewing.

You can heighten the enjoyment of a DVD box set with a new high definition flat screen TV. In the follow-up to the festive season, there are some great bargains around on electrical equipment, with buy now, pay later TVs available. If you fancy really treating yourself, there are some fantastic 3D TVs, that give viewing your favourite programmes a whole new level of entertainment. As the evenings grow colder and darker, your favourite box set is guaranteed to provide an entertaining night in.

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