How to Announce Your Engagement to Friends and Family

So, you’ve made the first big step, you and your significant other are engaged. Both of you might be ready to shout the news from the rooftops, but is it really that simple? Who do you tell first, and how do you tell them?

Tradition states it is best to announce the engagement to the bride’s parents first, then the groom’s. Although, this can be done in whatever order meets your situation best. Children of the bride or groom, however, should be the first to be notified as the blending of a family is a major change and should not be taken lightly. Once parents and/or children have been notified, then move on to the next immediate family (siblings, etc.) Friends come after the family has been told of this blessed occasion.

Now that you’ve figured out what order to begin telling everybody, it is important how you tell them. The best idea is to make the announcement in person with both of you present, but if that is not an option a personal phone call is acceptable. More often emails announcing an engagement are alright as well. Many couples are also investing in wedding-themed websites (like that allow them to both easily announce their engagement, as well as plan the impending ceremony.

Another excellent idea for telling friends and family of your future plans to wed include announcing it at a family gathering. Many couples are now hosting dinner parties or barbeques and sharing their big news while everyone close to them is in one central location. Talk about a way to liven up a party!

Also, for those friends and relatives that you may not see often or are not really all that close to, written engagement cards are a simple way of announcing the happy news. If you have already chosen a date for your nuptials, a “save the date” card can even be included for guests to keep their schedules clear far in advance.

Many local newspapers also offer engagement announcements in print. Contact your local paper’s office for their rates and process.

After the news has been spread, many couples are thrown engagement parties by relatives or friends, which can also be a way to announce your nuptials before any professionally written invitations are done or newspaper announcements are made. Keep in mind that those invited to the engagement party will probably expect to be invited to the wedding as well.

Now that you’ve announced your engagement, enjoy the magic and romance of planning your wedding!