Antiques Of The Future

If you’re one of the millions who is addicted to watching the antiques shows on daytime television, you’ll be well aware that items bought for relatively little a few decades ago can be worth huge sums. Something which is very expensive, such as a custom-made necklace from a prestigious jeweller, is always going to hold its value and remain expensive in the years to come. The trick is knowing the items which are relatively inexpensive to buy and are tipped by the experts to become the desired antiques of the future.


Just think about how much mobile phone and computing technology has changed since the 1980s, and most of us who upgrade our phone and laptop just throw the old one away or send it to one of the recycling companies. Very early models of mobile phones are now hugely collectable. Apple products are in almost every home, but if you have one of the original Macintosh models which was released in 1990, it could be worth £1,000 or even more. iPod MP3 players are unlikely to be valuable in the future as there are just so many of them, but if you own unusual docking stations or other accessories keep them safe as the value is likely to increase.

Harry Potter Memorabilia

Unless you’ve got a first edition of the first book, you’re not going to make your fortune with a hardback or paperback of any of the Harry Potter books. If however you’ve got games, action figures, LEGO sets, video games or anything else with the Potter theme, it could be worth something in the future. Items produced for the release of the Star Wars movies in the 1970s still change hands for huge sums of money, and many experts agree what we should be buying Harry Potter items now, not to play with but to squirrel away in the attic in immaculately boxed condition.


Fashions in furniture come and go and it can be very difficult to predict what is going to be valuable and fashionable in the future. At the moment, the trend is for plain, contemporary furniture with simple lines, the sort of thing you would find on sale in John Lewis, National Furniture or Ikea. Very ornate furniture or large, oversized wardrobes made in the 1920s and 1930s can be bought for just a few pounds at any auction, and seem likely to appreciate in value in the future. However, storage can be a issue unless you have a very large attic or garage to keep all the furniture in.

Jubilee and Olympic Memorabilia

Not everything made in 2012 for the Jubilee or the Olympics is going to have a value, as there was so much of everything made. If you have a programme signed by Usain Bolt, it is going to have value, a plain t-shirt will not. Anything which was produced in a limited edition is worth buying, and anything you keep must be stored so it stays in pristine condition.

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Guest blog post written by blogger Morag Peers, writing for National Furniture UK. If antique’s not your thing, then you can find rustic styled new Oak dining furniture online at National Furniture’s online store.

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