Apple MacBook Air 2018 Review

Apple has upgraded and updated its classic design with a Retina Display and thinnest ever chassis. However, as compared to other laptops computer manufacturers innovating in this category, is new MacBook Air performing well enough to hold onto the throne? Read this 4 minutes review of MacBook Air review before you sell MacBook Pro.

To keep it short and simple, the Apple MacBook Air 2018 is one of the powerful and streamlined laptops brimming with the latest features. Let us discuss what people liked and disliked about it.


Highlights of Apple MacBook Air

  • A classic design updated for the year 2018
  • Lightweight
  • Premium Feel
  • Lower Price
  • Pro features
  • Retina Display Screen

Low Lights of Apple MacBook Air

  • Only has 2 USB-C ports

Key Features

  • 13.3-inch Screen with high resolution (2560 x 1600)
  • Secure purchases and fast unlocking with Touch ID fingerprint
  • Butterfly-switched key-caps for soft key presses
  • T2 chip for extra security

Along with its Retina Display Screen that packs a stunning resolution of 2560 x 1600 by 13.3 inch size, MacBook 2018 has a T2 security chip that automatically encrypts your data and gives you a secure boot option. The previous versions were significant of the interest of system admins, IT personnel and someone who buy laptops for your firm. However, for daily users, this chip offers a high level of security that so far, has only been experienced by the buyers of iMac Pro, MacBook Pro 2018 and Mac Mini 2018.

About design and looks, new MacBook Airs has the same wedge shape that set the bar around 10 years ago. Most if not all laptops sport similar design these days, but it is the Apple who started it.

When compared to Apple MacBook Air 2017 lineup, 2018’s model is around 10 per cent thinner with a smaller footprint, just over a centimeter from x & y-axis.

Why buy the MacBook Air 2018?

If you have been waiting for an upgrade to Apple MacBook Air, then it is time to have one. MacBook Air 2018 is a significant update as compared to slow iteration you have seen in the past. Low-resolution screens and chunky bezels are gone, replaced by high-resolution Retina Display, slimmer and smoother machine.

But, you cannot get away from the fact that you get only 2 ports in this updated machine. That is a true lacking, one which you can definitely by-pass if you purchase the right computer like LG Gram, which is a slim Ultrabook with ample of connectivity choices. Casual users who are not into that Apple ecosystem might be well served by one of these in its place.

Despite this limitation, Apple MacBook Air 2018 is a less expensive way to experience Apple MacBook Pro. There are lots of shared features like T2 Chip, easy and secure unlocking with Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3 standard and 3rd generation butterfly switched keys for softer key presses. All in all, Apple MacBook Air 2018 is a powerful and streamlined laptop device brimming with the most features.

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