Applying For A HGV Licence: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you seeking to start a career as a Heavy Goods Vehicle (now classified as ‘Large Goods Vehicle’, or ‘LGV’ across the EU) driver in the UK? If so, it’s likely that your head will be swimming with questions and things you need to do in order to prepare: read on for our top tips to help you get started…

Do you meet the requirements?
Before you can go any further, you should take a moment to ask yourself whether or not you meet the necessary criteria in order to commence with your training programme.

You’ll need to qualify in the following areas:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You need to possess a category B car licence

If you do qualify in the above areas, you can proceed to the next stage…

Post your applications for a provisional licence to the DVLA
Becoming a lorry driver is a big responsibility and as such, you’ll need to pass a medical exam in order to be deemed fit to operate heavy vehicles;

Furthermore, the qualified medical professional examining you will need to fill out a report form known as a ‘D4’, which you’ll then have to send off to the DVLA – a fee may be involved, so be sure to check with examining medical practitioner before you book your exam.

You’ll also need to fill out a provisional licence application form, known as a ‘D2’, and submit it to the DVLA along with your other form and the necessary paperwork, documents and IDs (details will be available on the forms).

Both forms are available from the DVLA, so check out their website or give them a call for advice on how you can get your hands on the necessary paperwork.

Begin your training
When you qualify for the necessary criteria and receive your provisional lorry provisional entitlement from the DVLA, you can then start to think about getting behind the wheel and commencing your HGV training with an instructor, just like when you learnt to drive a car.

Do a search online and read independent reviews or testimonials to find a suitable, reliable organisation in your area which will be able to enrol you on a course of training;

As with so much in life, it pays to shop around, so try shortlisting a few organisations and then getting quotes from them, to ensure that your lessons will remain within your budget.

Take your test
As a person who qualifies for an HGV licence, you’ll already possess a car licence, so the concept of passing some tests will be familiar to you.

As with a car licence, you’ll need to pass both a theory and a practical exam – detailed information on what you’ll need to achieve is available from the DVLA.

Once you are ready to take the tests, you can get them booked by giving the DVLA a call, or by using their website – good luck!

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