Architectural Photography Plays A Key Role When Selling Property

Architectural photography is a very professional and quality way of capturing the best aspects of a building, whether it’s a house, a historical site or even an office. There are several factors as to why this is the case and why home owners and commercial property owners that are looking to sell their property at or near to their asking price should hire an architectural photographer to take the images of the house.

Something which applies not just to architectural photography but almost all aspects of life is that first impressions really do count! If you are looking to sell a residential or commercial property the likelihood is it will be included on a website or 2 at the very least and potentially in printed brochures so ensuring the best possible shot of your property is included could hold the key to the number of viewings you get and then ultimately how quickly you can turn the sale round.

The Key Benefits of Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a professional way of taking pictures and takes years of experience and genuine talent to master. Below are the key benefits to hiring an architectural photographer, when selling your property: –

  • Receive the best value for the house that you are selling through the use of excellently detailed images
  • Focuses on the best features that your house has and highlights them significantly compared with a normal camera / digital camera used by a standard estate agency
  • Architectural photography takes advantage of the natural daylight, giving you the best possible images for when it comes to selling your house
  • Enables high dynamic range of image / exposure blending
  • The time process of the actual image taking is slower, but this enables the quality of the images to really shine through.

The key benefits of using an architectural photographer when selling your house or any other property have been clearly illustrated above and as you will see there are some excellent advantages to hiring an architectural photographer to take the shots of your property.

Types of Architectural Photography

There are two key elements involved when it comes to architectural photography: –

  • Internal Architectural Photography– Focuses on the structure of the building internally and photographs can be taken with natural lighting and artificial lighting.
  • External Architectural Photography – Sunlight is needed usually, unless street lights are available. External Architectural Photography also focuses on the structural aspects of the building, with flowers, plants, trees often featured.

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