Are Dating Websites Ruining Dating?

So, you’ve been single for five years and you’re seriously considering moving in to a tiny apartment and buying 45 cats and living happily with them for the rest of your life. Your friends have put forward ideas such as ‘dating websites’ and as you shudder at the thought of finding your soul mate online but there’s a small part of you saying it’s something worth considering. Various online dating websites have now changed the world of dating altogether, putting a whole new spin on how dating is looked at by our nation.

Dating sites aren’t for everyone; some people prefer the more traditional approach of going out and meeting someone instead of looking at a picture on a screen. Also people are sometimes insecure about meeting someone via the internet rather then approaching a stranger in a bar. However the success rate of relationships and the number of marriages that have occurred because of dating sites have rocketed over the last few years as more singletons are signing up to find their perfect match.

So with a dating site it really revolves around how you put yourself across to people. Potential beaus are looking at your appearance and the description you provided to use this as a basis to make contact. The websites themselves will advise you to be truthful about your personal attributes. Now for some people that’s too much and the idea of them revealing intimate details about themselves totally puts them off using a dating website. So if you’re planning on signing up to a dating website then be prepared to be scrutinised.

So is internet dating really destroying our image of that picture perfect romance? Is it sucking the fun out of things? Although 78% of the people that use dating websites will develop some sort of relationship, which may even possibly lead to marriage, statistics have shown that those marriages and relationships will last on average three years, read into this what you will.

As dating websites might not be everyone’s cup of tea it’s safe to say that whatever form of dating your choose it’s down to you to make the first move. Finding that perfect match is something everyone can do, and it really all comes down making the move to solve your current dating situation.

So are dating sites ruining dating? Well to conclude I wouldn’t go as far to say dating websites are ruining dating, they are simply changing the way we find a date and how we find future partners. Although they might not be to everyone’s taste it is safe to say that they will be sticking around for the foreseeable future and will have a say in how future dating is conducted.

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