Are Eyes The Next Advertising Platform?

The nation seems to be locked in a time of recession, and one man who is unable to find work has taken matters into his own hands, or should I say eyes? Yes, we’ve really heard it all now…an unemployed Londoner is offering advertising space on his eyeballs to earn some money.

Over recent years, designs for new applications of contact lens technology has revolutionised the way that people think about their eyes. It has really been brought into the spotlight in 2012 as scientists seem to be battling it out to create as many different functions for the eye as possible, other than seeing directly what’s in front of us.

Over the next few years many projects are expected to hit the public market. Through the wear of contact lenses this could be through testing blood sugar levels for diabetics, using eye tracker technology to help people with paralysis communicate, and the projection of an augmented reality on our visual field for gaming or social purposes.

The Next Big Thing?

One young entrepreneur, yet to find his successful venture, has taken a very unique approach to ways that eyes can be used. He planned to sell the pupil and iris of his eyes to advertisers.

Mahmood Choudury from Fulham, London describes himself as a ‘creative individual’. He sought inspiration from others who have used their bodies as an advertising platform for bidding companies, and decided to take it one step further.

“My work advisor told me to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and to think of myself as a brand or product’. The idea for advertising on my eyes was born from this advice, as well as online research that highlighted the crazy ways that people have advertised themselves and their services before” he said.

He was originally contemplating getting a brand logo tattooed onto his eye, but ultimately chose the far safer option of wearing a branded contact lens.

Mr. Choudrury promoted his offer on Ebay, through which companies would be able to bid for the advertising space. He was offering them a 30 day period, during which he would wear a contact lens branded with their logo that covered either his pupil, or his pupil and iris, on either one or both of his eyes. He also announced that 50% of the funds generated from this appeal would go to Sightsavers International charity.

Unfortunately the interest that he had anticipated wasn’t there, and he didn’t receive any bids.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

As the competition in business and advertising becomes more and more fierce, it does lead us to wonder what the future holds for advertising. If the option is there for companies to promote themselves through cheaper resources such as this, will it become a common practise in the future?

With all the current developments in contact lens technology, including a lens with an embedded LCD screen, who’s to say this isn’t the way the future is headed?

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Steph McLean is fascinated in the future of eyewear technology, and likes to regularly blog on the topic. In her offline life she works at Lenstore, an online contact lens retailer.

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