Are Skid Steers Good for Snow Removal?

Anyone who isn’t bothered by the winter probably misses the days when snowstorms meant days off from school and time spent sliding down hills of snow. As we get older, however, that desire for winter’s arrival tends to decline as we become more responsible for getting snow out of our driveways and off the road to prevent accidents— and for when it’s not enough snow to get off from work.

Sometimes, a shovel isn’t the best tool for removing snow, especially if you want to save time. More advanced technology comes in handy in this situation, and this guide aims to show you how skid steers are good for snow removal.

Different loads

Operating a skid steer allows you to handle a variety of different loads of snow in a much shorter amount of time than you would if you were just relying on a shovel, which can take hours, even if you have a friend or relative helping you out. You can use snow buckets for when you get a light to moderate amount of snow, but the snow itself is light and doesn’t stick to the ground. Snow pushers, on the other hand, are more reliable for when you get heavier amounts of snow, as well as when the snow itself can stick to the street and the changes in temperature can affect how quickly it can turn into ice.

It helps to prepare for any type of snow, even if the weather reports are not expecting much, so that you have the right skid steer attachments on hand for your removal. You should also be prepared for how big the piles of snow are going to be, as light amounts of snow that can be easy to lift with a shovel can be packed into huge piles by plows, as well as by the way it lands. In these cases, blowers may be a more helpful option.

Process of removal

What’s great about skid steers is that they give you different ways to get snow off your driveway and roads based on how much you’re dealing with. This is because most skid steer machines use angling, titling, and swinging cylinders instead of movements that require more power, which is why the majority of steers don’t use motors. These options fall into the category of low-flow machines, which can come in handy for days when you don’t get too much snow or the piles are formed light enough for a quick removal.

However, heavier snowfall will require high-flow skid steers which need motors in order to lift and throw snow in areas where it won’t make it difficult to drive or increase the chance of a car accident. The motor in these machines also comes in handy for cutting through ice in case circumstances prevent you from getting to snow removal right away and the dropping temperature makes the snow more solid. Some high-flow skid steers also come with impellers to cut ice to a point where it is basically as light as snow. These options can also use attachments that allow you to control how far away you place the snow once it’s off the road.


You can never really predict the exact amount of snow you will receive once it actually starts coming down, and people living in parts of the world that are normally too warm or dry for such an occasion can suddenly wake up to snowflakes covering their driveways. However, there are places across the globe where we know that snow is a regular occurrence, and people who live here can benefit from skid steers the most. As much as getting rid of snow with a shovel can be a good workout, living somewhere where it can snow all year round can make some days easier than others.

Those who live in places where snow is expected throughout the year can rely on skid steers, mostly high-flow machines in case some months come with heavier loads. Whether you’re removing snow in a driveway, street, or parking lot affects how easy of a time you’ll have, so you’ll want to try out angle plows, which have a height and width that can handle large piles associated with parking lots and can push loads higher than buckets and snow pushers. Snow blowers are also reliable in places where it snows more, as they can sort snow in ways that don’t take up much space.

Keep this guide in mind so that you can clear snow with a skid steer and enjoy a productive and safe environment.

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