Are You Ready For A Travel Partner?

More solo travelers are now looking for companions in one of their trips. Having someone to share the experience with is great, and you don’t even have to lose that “solo” feel, as you can both decide to meet up or explore places together at certain times only.

But just because they are into it doesn’t have to mean you should too. Find out if you’re prepared to have a travel companion below:

 You don’t mind sharing.
 Some solo travelers prefer to spend for everything, including those of her partner. However, usually everything is split, though in different proportions. It’s great for you as well since you can save a lot of money in the process.

There are other things you may have to potentially share, as well, such as time and accommodation. If you don’t mind sharing a room with a person you may not know much about, then by all means find a travel partner or look for one who doesn’t mind sleeping in dorms and hostels. Meanwhile, if you think you can spare a day or two walking around and eating meals with your travel partner, then you may be prepared for one.

You are eager to try out something new.
 You may have some shared interests, but travel partners may also have wants or dreams that are completely different to yours. Perhaps while you prefer whiling away in the beach, your companion likes to go up the mountains or shoot the rapids. These differences can cause a lot of stress and discomfort for anyone who’s not up to them. But if you have the “bring it on” attitude, then these should not worry you at all, and you should not have a hard time dealing with a travel partner.

You’re not afraid to meet new people.
 Some travel partners are long-lost friends or relatives, but most solo travelers are daring, opting for complete strangers. Though it increases the issue of security, almost always it is positive, since you get to meet new people who can teach you a thing or two about other world cultures, beliefs, and nuances. Another potential outcome of traveling with someone is dating. Admit it, sometimes when you share something as memorable as traveling, you can’t help but feel all tingly inside and think if it’s possible to end up together or share something romantic during your travel.

You can afford not to mind the discomfort.
 True, there should be some things you cannot compromise with your travel partner such as invasion of privacy (e.g., he or she looks into your mobile phone or gets some personal items without your permission), but a lot of situations can also be completely ignored (don’t sweat the small stuff!). You can start looking for a travel partner if you can wait for a few hours because he or she takes some time to dress up or even wake up, if your partner prefers riding over walking, or when he or she has biases with food, etc.

Person behind this Raivis Binde is founder and chief editor of SoloTurist. I write Travel Dating blog to help people find each other who hate to travel alone.

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