At What Age can a Child be Behind the PC?


What is a “good” age to introduce a Windows PC to your kids?

Today we have all kinds of software games, videos, and learning / teaching platforms for children from the age of 6 to onwards. But this is too early. They can still sit at the computer for the rest of their lives. It is likely that when these kids grow up, this is expected from them but you can not just let their imagination run wild with dolls, clay, blocks, puzzles, drawing, and painting?

Kids sometimes plays online children’s game computer (words, numbers, symbols, sounds). And what does that do with their health (eyes, back, concentration)?

Parental dilemmas

You will probably be more likely to differ when it comes to things like this. Do you have to do your kids swimming lessons with 5 years, or better to wait another year? How old does he/she have to be to go to school alone? When can she send her friends to the disco and at what time should she be at home? These are the most common questions to be asked by parents each other.

With this we do not want to trivialize your question. It was only to indicate that there are no ‘expert’ answers that free you from the burden of making your own choices. Nobody else knows better what is best for your child than yourself and your partner. And you have to talk about that, just as long until you’re out of the two.

The ideal moment

Is there really no ideal moment for learning things? Sometimes, sometimes not. A child indicating that it wants to learn to swim, you bring to swimming lessons. Sometimes a child wants to learn something that it has to learn, not by itself. But then you do not start earlier than necessary (such as learning to read).

We nowadays confront children with things that they are not yet ready for. That can cause a lot of stress for them, even if you do not always see that.

Use of Computer

Who is right now, you or your wife? If this discussion is creating trouble between you and your partner, then you both are right. Yes! You are right because children do not suffer serious delays if they do not use media until the age of 6 (PC, radio, TV, CD, DVD, etc.). And your wife is also right, because basically it is not harmful to computer, to watch TV, to listen to CDs, and so on.

Incidentally, it is questionable whether your position is long-term, since your kid will also play with other children.

To choose consciously

PC use is not harmful in principle, but then of course a number of conditions must be met. For example, that you choose good software that is suitable for kid’s age. The most enjoyable game for a 5-6 year old is “Typing”. This is safe, enjoyable and easy to beneficial for their school days. Don’t you think so? There are many free typing lessons for beginners and even typing games for kids also available that are easy to learn and play for all kids. One of the simplest way to improve typing skills is Here your kids can practice and improve their typing skills while enjoying with their friends.

Is this Good for Health

Furthermore, you must of course keep an eye on the time. For children aged 4-5 years, we recommend: no more than fifteen minutes. Or maybe something more, if he/she wants to play and type. Half an hour is enough. If you keep time limited, you do not have to worry about your kids health (eye complaints, back complaints, RSI, etc.). A quarter of an hour or no more than half an hour a day is not a problem.

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