ATEX Mobile Phones Within An Emergency

When you work or volunteer in any dangerous field, having the most current durable technology and tools can mean the difference between life and death. Depending on your area of expertise, there will come a time or situation that becomes dangerous. By using durable, explosion proof and lightweight equipment, you allow yourself more freedom to move freely and focus on the task. Any situation can arise during an emergency event and by carrying an ATEX Mobile phone, you can feel secured your mobile communication is explosion proof, water proof and works in any harsh environment especially where there is a risk of explosion. It goes without sayong you should look for “the most” intrinsically safe phones on the market to get superior protection!

When you get a dispatch call out to a disaster, you never know what type of conditions you are going to find or what can happen. In any of these situations, your outside communication can be your most important lifeline. When entering any un-safe or un-secured area, you may need to send out images or communications for additional units to respond. The ATEX mobile phone provides the user with 3G/UMTS technology, so it can store a large amount of aps and data, this can be helpful when downloading or receiving geographical locations or utility connection information. In the case of hurricane “Sandy”, emergency personnel were making rescues in eight to ten feet of water. This is an excellent example, during flooding and natural gas explosions you never want to be without your mobile device, nor do you want your electrical device to be the cause of an explosion. Mobile capabilities and their uses are being implemented into emergency management plans and funding. Unfortunately, it can take a disaster to see such a need for technology that is resistant to any dangerous or harsh environment. Along with collecting information at a site using the camera, you can assured you the information you are sending and receiving is keep safe from any security threat. Depending on your area of expertise, owning and using an Atex mobile phone is a must have device!

No matter what line of work you may be in or volunteer activities, there will come a time when an emergency arises and communication fails and a mobile phone may be all you have, connecting yourself and others to the outside world. Make the right choice and choose a mobile phone that will ensure your connection. An ATEX certified mobile phone will provide you wi

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