Aussie Camp – Top 5 Destinations For Family Camping

Camping with the family is a great way to bond and get in touch with nature, all at the same time! Head out into the Australian bush land today to one of these great haunts. They’re family friendly and gorgeous to boot – what else do you need on your travels?

Oberon, NSW
In the Central Tablelands sits a camper’s campsite, Oberon. It’s quite high up, really, as part of the Blue Mountains and has real gorgeous views. You can see all kinds of sites and landmarks from up there – especially if you’re keen on landscapes and scenery – as well as getting in touch with Australia’s wildlife. Whether you want to spot kangaroos or sit around toasting marshmallows by the campfire, this might just be the place for you.

Glenworth Valley, NSW
Located up on the Central Coast in the Hunter region, Glenworth Valley offers a range of recreational activities for you and the kids. Whether you want to duck off on a wine tour (and leave the kids with some kind relatives), or you’d like a dose of family fun, this is the place for you. Options include horse riding, kayaking, abseiling and quad biking – all good fun and good ways to strengthen family ties.

Caves Beach, NSW
Up on the Mid-North Coast in the Macquarie region, this lakeside paradise is perfect for families. You can spend your time swimming or exploring the brush, and you can know that a township and some real facilities are never too far away. It’s an idyllic location for the beauty loving campers.

Bawley Point, NSW
Bawley Point offer campgrounds right near the beach. The best part about camping down on the south coast is the atmosphere – there are so many people around for the kids to play with, and supplies aren’t far away. You just hitch your tent and the kids can go explore, riding their bikes through quiet streets, or spending time at the gorgeous beach. It’s a coastal camping wonderland. Pretty sweet, huh?

Or…in your backyard
Does this last one seem a bit silly? It isn’t! It’s a great way to try your first camping trip and practice before you visit New South Wales. This way, a quick coffee is never far away. If your little one gets scared they can just head inside to the comfort of their own bed.  Maybe it’s the creepy crawlies that freak him out, or he’s just not used to the discomfort of a sleeping bag, but it’s good to have a safety net like your own house.

So get out into the great outdoors! And don’t forget to bring a tent, warm cocoa in a thermos, plenty of food, toilet paper, bug spray, first aid kit and a change in clothes. There are other essentials you’d pack no matter where you are heading, so don’t forget those either! It’s important to be prepared.

Linda Campbell is a camping fanatic. Her children love all the camping kids activities she comes up with.

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