Auto Repair For High Mileage Cars

When your car passes the 100,000 mile mark it is officially high mileage. You can still keep it in excellent condition if you service it regularly and pay attention to every small detail.

Auto Repair for High Mileage Cars

  • At 120,000 Miles

Your car will have made quite the trip to have gotten this far. At this point, all the warranties have expired, and it is up to you and mechanic to come up with the best way of keeping it on the road. Some of the things that should not miss regular service include:

Oxygen Sensors – At 120,000 miles, your car will have used more than 5,000 gallons of fuel. Byproducts of this combustion would have caused the sensor to lose its ability to mix the fuels correctly. For optimal fuel use, have the sensors checked regularly.

The AC-The AC compressor clutch is expendable, and it wears out with time and usage. It could even slip out if not checked on a regular basis. Your mechanic could offer to accurately service the clutch.

Brake Fluid – It should be replaced whenever the boiling point drops. If you replace brake fluid as regularly as you should, you could extend the life of your car by improving the efficiency of calipers and the rotor.

  • At 180,000 Miles

At this point, cylinder walls and the pistons could be showing signs of wear. Carbon deposits could damage the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter. This is the type of wear that could easily kills your engine. At this point, you realize that those regular checkups you had done are finally paying up.

Headlights – Inspect the headlights, which at this stage could have been destroyed by the UV rays. Keeping them well maintained would save you from the fogginess that has crowded them.

Power Steering Fluid-Time breaks down the anti-foaming and anti-corrosion additives that were once very effective. The fluid may appear to be the same, but it may have been contaminated. You may need to have it changed after the 180,000 milestones.

The Air Conditioner-Your AC may be a tad ineffective in blowing cold air. You may need to have it overhauled to return it to effectiveness if you do not want to be caught driving under extreme heat in summer.

MAF Sensor-For your car to have made it this far, your engine must have consumed enough fuel to fill an Olympic-size pool. Your sensor must be quite contaminated. The only way to have it working in good condition is to have it cleaned regularly.

  • At 250,000 Miles

You are clearly going for the record if your car has reached this mileage. 250,000 miles goes to show how keen you were on regular maintenance and servicing. The servicing should be as regular and thorough as possible to keep it on the road. Additionally, you could check these conditions even more:

Chassis Inspection – Alignment will let you know the status of your chassis.

AC – The air conditioner will need extra care at this point, just to ensure that there is not build up of debris between the radiator and the condenser.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best car repair Columbia MO has to offer.

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