Automobile Dealers Trying To Cope With the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy lashed on the Northeastern part of America causing severe damage to properties and lives; the worst affected is the business sector of the country. However, the country is limping back to normalcy after bravely facing the onslaught of nature’s fury. One of the worst hit sectors of the business section is that of the industry of automobiles.

Although the sales of the industry have gone down in the past few days, yet the dealers are adamant of hitting the right course in due time, since it requires a certain moment to regain normalcy after such disasters. However, the exact damages faced in the course of time cannot be exactly estimated for the moment, since most of the communication lines are yet to be revived.

However, according to Paul Taylor, the chief of National Automobile Dealers Associations (NADA), the dealers of automobile of America were better prepared this time, since they have got their lessons from the last time when Hurricane Irene left a devastating scar on the continent. Taking lessons from their previous horrible experience, this time the dealers associated with the automobile industry had taken precautionary measures right from the initial moment of receiving the alert of the upcoming storm.

The alert that was sounded before the approach of Hurricane Sandy forced many automobile dealers to look for alternative contingency plans to relocate the stock at safer places. Many dealers have also taken the precautionary measure by stocking the automobiles at places of higher altitudes, in order to avoid instances of heavy flood after the ravaging cyclones.

The chief analyst of, Jesse Toporak mentioned that the incident of ravaging Sandy had taken part probably at the worst moment, since it is analyzed that most of the companies are blessed with higher sales at the end of the months itself, with introduction of a variety of schemes for the consumers. In spite of sharing such views, Toporak even went on to add that there might be even a better scope of business for the automobile industries after such blissful incidents.

Toporak is of the view that after a few moments of down slash of the sales in the automobile industries, it is natural to see a major boom in the sales and repairing of the cars, thereby adding to the ultimate record of profit making for the industry of automobiles itself. He points out that after a slight moment of sluggish nature of the sales of the automobile products, the customers will vehemently step in for replacing their damaged cars after the cyclone. This will readily add to the sales chart of the industry. Other than this, there will be heavy demand of repairing of the cars damaged severely in the cyclone, the payment of which may be undertaken by the insurance companies.

However, all the analysts are of the opinion that it will certainly take some time for everything to return to normalcy. Like any other business house, the automobile industry even faces similar challenges and eventually comes to track after taking necessary steps needed according to situation.

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