Avoid Needing To Hire A DUI Attorney This Holiday Season

The holidays often increase your risk of getting a DUI, since police often set up DUI checkpoints and many people are enjoying drinks at parties to celebrate the season. You’ll want to spend your extra money on gifts for family and friends, not on hiring a DUI attorney. Unfortunately, many of the myths surrounding drinking and DUIs can get you into big trouble if you believe them. To lower your risk of being charged with a DUI during the holidays, make sure you ignore the following myths and learn the truth behind them.

Myth #1 – If You Only Drink One Drink an Hour You’re Okay
One big myth that could get you in trouble during the holidays is the myth that only drinking one drink per hour will mean you’re okay to drive. While a single drink may be absorbed and eliminated from the body within an hour for some people, it doesn’t work the same way for everyone. Alcohol metabolism is extremely complex and can vary depending on body weight, food consumed, body hydration, gender and more. Don’t count on being okay to drive, even if you are only drinking one drink per hour at a holiday party. It’s better to just avoid driving to make sure you don’t end up needing a DUI attorney to help you fight DUI charges.

Myth #2 – Eating with Your Drinks Will Help You Prevent a DUI
Many people think that eating with drinks can help prevent a DUI. Believing this myth could make you end up with a DUI and a lump of coal for Christmas this year. Having a full stomach may not be enough to avoid a spike in blood alcohol levels. While having a full stomach and drinking plenty of water can be helpful when you’re drinking, don’t count on it preventing a DUI from occurring. Know this truth about this myth and avoid spending the money you get for Christmas on a DWI attorney.

Myth #3 – Being Close to Home Means You’re Less Likely to Get a DUI
If you’re partying less than a mile from home, you may be tempted to go ahead and drive home. After all, it’s only a short drive. Surely you won’t get caught on that short journey home. However, being close to home doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid getting charged with a DUI. Many people have been stopped and arrested when they were less than a mile away from home. Don’t count on the police giving you a break just because you’re close to home. If you’re that close to home, it should be easy to have someone sober drive you home.

Believing the wrong myth about drinking this holiday season could quickly land you in big trouble. You want to enjoy celebrating the season, but make sure you do it safely. Know the truth about these myths to ensure you don’t have to spend your holidays in court with your DUI attorney trying to fight DUI charges.

Marlon Carlsen is a blogger from New Mexico. He doesn’t drink and drive but recommends anyone who does, find a good DUI Lawyer in Albuquerque.

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