Avoid These Pitfalls When Trying To Add Value To Your Home

If you are planning to sell your property, there are many ways that you can add value to your home in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers. However, some things that you may considering doing may have little to no effect, or worse still, devalue your home. With times as tough as they are at the moment, there will be a lot of people wanting to get the most out of selling their home and with a small investment; you can easily see a return on your money when it comes to selling up.

While such things as garage and loft conversions are great ideas for making use of extra space available and in turn adding to the value of your current home, there are a few things that it may be a mistake to do.

Becoming A Rose Between Two Thorns – If you live in an area where the average house price is around £70,000, it may be unwise to try and raise the value of your house to much more than £90,000.

The fact is that anyone looking at your house will be looking at the surrounding area as well and no matter how nice your home is, they won’t want to be paying too much above the average price for a nice house on a not so nice street.

The best thing to do in these situations is just to make minor adjustments to maximise the value with little outlaying of costs. That way, if you don’t get the asking price you desire, you haven’t wasted a lot of money in the process.

DIY Cover-ups – When carrying out work to add value to your home, or any DIY for that matter, be sure to have the work carried out professionally to avoid disasters. If you have any areas that you need to bodge due to something going wrong then this is likely to impact on the way potential buyers will see your home.

Also, obvious areas that have been covered up will only lead to people delving deeper into the construction of the home and they will start to worry about what other problems may lie under the surface.

Updating Old Furnishing and Fittings – Although it might improve the way that people see your home, changing the odd piece of furniture is not going to make too much difference to the overall value of your property. You are much better off saving the money and buying some new furniture for your new home instead.

Creating Too Many Bedrooms – It is true that the value of a property is largely dictated by the amount of bedrooms that it has but this is only up to a certain point. When you get to the point where you have more than four bedrooms, it tends to add hardly anything to the valuation.

Redesigning Small Rooms – Redecorating or redeveloping rooms in your home may be a good way to add value to it, but only certain rooms are really worth the trouble. Small rooms such as the bathroom or study will not have too much impact on the asking price of your property so it’s much better to concentrate on something like the kitchen which is more of a focal point.

Not Using A Recommended Firm – Any work that is going to be done on your home is obviously going to cost you a bit of money and will also cause you some disruption in your everyday life. With this being the case, it is best to ask around to see if anyone can recommend a good firm from previous experience.

It’s rare to find builders that end up with a great customer relationship at the end of the process so anyone that is recommended by someone you trust will be worth their weight in gold.

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Chris Mayhew writes here onj behalf of MPK Lofts. They are a friendly and reliable building firm specialising in garage and loft conversions in the bristol and Bath area. Visit their website today and see how they can add some real value to your home in a professional manner.

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