Avoiding Awkward Family Photo Christmas Cards

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to design the perfect greeting card to send to family and friends. When you go to design one, keep in mind there can be many glamour photography complaints that are associated with these cards. To prevent some embarrassing or head scratching reactions from your recipients, please keep these tips in mind when doing Christmas cards.

The Clothes
The first thing to keep in mind is clothing choice. While it may seem cute for everyone in the family to wear reindeer sweaters, to your recipients, it may come off as corny or creepy. There’s nothing that screams odd more than everyone dressing the same. The truth is everyone knows you are a family, but you don’t have to beat them over the head with it. Therefore, allow everyone to dress in nice clothes, but don’t make everyone dress the same.

The Scenery
Scenery is another thing to consider. It is best if you can take the picture naturally with a beautiful setting such as a wintry park or a snowy sky as the backdrop. However, be careful of what’s in the background when you take the picture. A person picking their nose, an out of focus shot that may show more of others than your family, or just a weird backdrop like fake snow will not sit right with your recipients. Also, try to stay away from corny images such as a picture with reindeer flying, or you’re out in the woods deer hunter style. Unless your family’s last name is Rambo, this won’t work. A bad background is easily one of the biggest glamour photography complaints because it doesn’t capture a natural image, only a forced one.

The Message
Also, be careful of what you write on the card. Keep in mind the people you are sending it to, as this will be a nice gesture. While some families do a newsletter, they send with the card, it is best to keep things simple, short and sweet. Further, be sure to proofread the message before sending it out, as it will avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

The Pose
Lastly, be mindful of what everyone is doing in the picture. If your grandpa’s teeth are falling out, one of your children is making faces or someone is more focused on others than the photographer, the picture won’t capture a magic moment. Instead, it will capture an odd portrait, which your recipients may find funny, and you may find embarrassing.

Family greeting cards can be a wonderful way to send a personal message to friends and loved ones. By following these tips above, it can help you send a great card that won’t include any embarrassing mistakes you may hear about for years.

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