Bagdogra – A Perfect Hill Station To Visit On Next Vacation

A beautiful hamlet set in the celebrated district of Darjeeling in West Bengal; Bagdogra is one of the most popular hill stations in Northeast India. Being a neighbor of Darjeeling, which is 93 k.m. away, Bagdogra also has the influences of Darjeeling. A majority of the total area is capped by the sprawling tea estates that not only act as one of the key sources to earn the livelihood, but also adorn the beauty of the region. Besides, the wild Teesta River that flow close by, babbling and making its way through the lush greenery rich hills is one of the major allures. Especially for the individuals who are of adventurous kind, the river offers a couple of thrilling actions, of which the whitewater rafting is the most prominent one.

Apart from tea and some centuries old trade and businesses, tourism is one of the biggest sources of revenue. With a number of backpackers now heading their way to the hill town, Bagdogra tourism is flourishing at a slow yet steady pace. A couple of new hotels have shown up in past few decades, so finding a comfortable accommodation is something that you may need not to worry about. However, it is advisable, to book the hotel room well in advance, just to be in a safe side, so that the moment you arrive at the town you don’t have to drag the luggage and move here and there in search of hotel room. This generally happens in the peak tourism tourism season.

Bagdogra - A Perfect Hill Station To Visit On Next Vacation

That being said, Bagdogra is amongst the destinations where one heads to find tranquility and an undisturbed vacation away from the chores and mundane daily life. The good thing is that the town doesn’t fails to deliver that. The place is very quiet and it is a great idea to walk through the quaint town discovering and relishing the charms that reside in every nook and corner. It is indeed a great experience, and making the experience merry is the pleasant weather. You will notice that the place is apparently divided into two parts. The lower region basically called Lower Bagdogra, is full of action as it is here where there are commercial establishments, schools and colleges, as well as the rail station. It is more modernized and full of glamour of modernity. Whereas, if you walk a few miles north towards the upper region, which the locals call Upper Bagdogra, you find a bewitching tranquility and the same old and rustic feel of Indian villages.

Being a small town, it is quite easy to access all the major tourist attractions. Besides, tourists just often use the chance to get adventurous and travel to destinations that are situated nearby. The place is equipped with a small yet excellent airport, thus accessing it is easy. Delhi is a highly preferred to get to the hill town. Catch one of the frequent Delhi to Bagdogra flights and get busy exploring the quaint hill town where nature is present in abundance.

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