Bar and Grill Trends In 2016

The restaurant world has evolved greatly over the years. It is the only industry which changes routinely so every year we expect something new. Refreshing, isn’t it? Something new every season, it gives you something to look forward. The bouncing trends for 2016 are reliving history and technology again as restaurateurs have to keep up or stay out. Trends have always been stirred by adventurous chefs and curious customers. However fickle trends are, it is important to definitely evolve with the changing times.

Bar and Grill Trends In 2016


Come Back of Faced Out Liquors

Gin and whiskeys will soon become unfashionable drinks or remain vogue. Spirits have definitely been the household name for years now, facing a new batch every now and then with a touch of local batches. Old liquors such as cognac and mescal that turned rather ubiquitous are slowly making a comeback. It is likely in 2016 with the recent flare technology, people do not want to miss out on the oldies. The spillover of food blogs are causing such a stir that most luxury lovers want to walk down memory lane. It is time to recapture the old flavors.

Shaken up Cocktails

Cocktails will continue to be an all time reinvention for generations to come. The line between the kitchen and the bar drawn years ago may be drying out. Mixologists are now venturing into vegetable based cocktails. A transition from just simple cocktails to more complex and delicious cocktails is in motion. Craft cocktails have essentially changed the face of the hospitality industry. Mixologists are now turning to be larger risk takers than just working the job.

Ingredient Based Menus

2015 had many people joining juicing wagons and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Well, the restaurateurs should not expect any less; rather expect much more enthusiasm in the dishes they serve.. Synthetic foods and snacks will soon be on the limit. Most diners will want highly nutritious foods compared to just delicious intricacies.

Seasonal Based Menus

It started in 2015 and it is bound to spill over. More luxury diners are already embracing seasonal based menus. Menus will continue to turn to seasonally available foods. Most reviews were filled with excited diners who were already in love with the new spirit. Most of the reviews read ‘something to look forward to’. Interesting, it will get sales shooting out of the roof because an excited clientele means more sales. Diners interest have suddenly turned to where their food is coming from.

More Veggie-eccentric Dishes

The veggies obsession is hitting most food blogs. Hoteliers should be ready to shift to more green. Food blogs have created a flare that is big enough to create a foodies revolution. 2016 should not be any different as more people are already in transition to healthy eating. A diversion from protein dishes to vegetable based dishes should be most definitely expected.


Digital Menus

The ever progressive technology will see business owners satisfy their ever evolving clientele. 2015 saw most customers requesting for digital menus that were just a click away. Restaurateurs will have to embrace and come up with ways of making it accessible to their customers. If you are planning to open a restaurant in 2016, then you have quite an uphill task.

Electronic Paying

Bar and restaurant owners are already facing the pressure to phase out hard cash. With recent development in technology, most people have opted to use of smart cards and credit cards. It is no longer cool to walk with cash as plastic cards are becoming quite a thing.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars in Columbia MO

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