Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Your bathroom no longer needs to feel like the unforgotten room of your home. In recent years there have been great advances made not only in bathroom decor, but in technology as well. While adding high end features or remodeling your entire bathroom may be out of reach, there are many things you can do to decorate your bathroom while on a budget:

  • Paint. When you want to freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom, paint can be the first and easiest change to make. Not only can you paint the walls a different color, you can even update the look and feel of the cabinetry with a coat of paint.
  • Focal point. Decide on the focal point of your bathroom. Do you have a fabulous shower or bathtub? If you want to showcase a classic claw foot tub or an oversized tile shower allow the other items in your bathroom to draw the focus towards these elements.
  • Stencils. The use of a stencil can create texture and drama in your small space. Consider using a stencil design on the ceiling instead of the walls to draw the eye up and make the room feel much larger.
  • Storage. Storage components in your bathroom need not only be for function, but can add to the style as well. When displayed correctly and open storage space full of bathroom essentials can create depth and add interest to a small space.
  • Accents. Adding accent pieces to you bathroom can make it feel more inviting. From the style of shower curtain to framed art and accessories there are many little items you can add to create a theme and make the room feel more inviting. Find a theme that represents your family’s interests and look for inexpensive dcor items or framed art that help to complement or create the desired look.
  • Lighting. The lighting used in a bathroom is very important. If you have natural light via a window or skylight make the most of it. For bathrooms that feel dark add lighting elements that not only add to the style but add more light in the space.
  • Embellishments. Consider your bathroom space when planning the overall design. Simple things like framing a mirror, adding a small time backs splash, or even updated faucets can create a new look and feel to the room.

Even a small budget can be used to create a dramatic change to your bathroom. When you want to make it feel new again consider choosing a theme, adding new paint, and looking for accents and embellishments that work within your budget but create a new and welcoming room. Ridgid parts can help to repair your circular saw, cordless drill, and other essential tools needed when working on a bathroom. Using the right tools, in the right condition, will make the bathroom decorating easier and more affordable!

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