Be Creative This Year

We have a new year upon us; full of potential and promise but there are always occasions when you need to get something done.  This year there will be just as many celebrations, if not more, than previous years, so you need to be prepared and ready for them all.  One of the best ways to prepare for all of these events is with creativity.  Do things your own way and with artistic thought.  Instead of sending flowers for Mother’s Day, why not make your own, for instance.  Not only can presents be cheaper when they’re home-made, they will look and feel more personal and will therefore have more feeling behind them than a shop bought gift.  So why not give a go to a more creative year this time around.

Creative Gift Ideas
You can make gifts out of almost anything and the best thing is that no two items will be exactly alike.  One great way of making gifts for friends and family is to just go out to nature and find what you can lying around.  Sometimes small sticks and twigs are curved in just the right way to make a beautiful picture frame which you can varnish and personalise as a gift.  There are many other possibilities, including the aforementioned Mother’s Day flowers: make them out of crepe paper or cardboard and you’ll have something more personalised.  If you’re feeling extra creative, why not make a bunch of candy Mother’s Day flowers that your mum can eat as well as display.  This is something completely different that she’ll be sure to remember.

If you’re feeling really creative then you can always have a go at producing a real piece of art.  Painting a picture is something that the average person will not receive as a gift.  Get it right and you’ll be giving them something they’re going to treasure and hang on their wall: much better than vouchers to another high street store.  Another way to make these arty, personalised gifts is with home-made mugs and cups.  You can buy modelling clay and set to making a beautiful mug that fits the recipient’s personality, otherwise why not make them a little statue of something they’ll enjoy.  You could always make little, ornate Mother’s Day flowers out of clay, too: that’s something you don’t see every day.

Creativity Breeds Success
If you do start being more creative over the next year, then you could well end up enhancing your creative talents somewhat.  At the moment there is a huge market for small handmade gifts and with the power of the modern Internet, you can sell your creations very easily.  So why not start making some money out of your talents with some home-made cufflinks, ornaments and pieces of jewellery.  There’s a wide range of things you can make all because you started by making a creative replacement for the traditional Mother’s Day flowers.

If you’re good in the kitchen then the options for home-made gifts are almost endless.  The favourite home-made gifts are, of course, cookies and cakes.  You can make them up nice and easy in your home and give the gift of something delicious and fattening to your loved ones this year.  Not only that, but why not try your hand at personalised sweets.  Things like fudge go down a treat and you can always buy a glass container on which you can paint your own design.  These gifts are personalised and beautiful and what’s more: after the sweets have been eaten the container can be reused afterwards as many times as you want.  Now that sounds like a perfect present.

Back to those Mother’s Day flowers again and if you’re not feeling creative enough to make your own, why not send a beautiful bouquet and write a poem to go with it.  Even if your poetry skills are more Shake ‘n’ Vac than Shakespeare, your mum will really appreciate the sentiment.  Who knows, too, perhaps you’ll find a hidden talent in there somewhere.

Even if you’ve never been that creative before, finding the creative bones in your body is a great way not just to express yourself but to also cut down on costs.  Soon you can make your own curtains and upholster your sofa.  Your loved ones won’t know what’s hit them with their unique gifts.

Jess Toogood loves nothing more than heading into his creative space to make something new and unique.  Why not try making this year something special and make your own presents and Mother’s Day gifts: your loved ones will have something truly unique.

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