Beards: The Fine Line Between Generous and Unkempt

At this point in time, it might be fair to say that ‘Peak Beard’ – the period in which facial hair is at the height of its popularity – is still a long way off.

Beards: The Fine Line Between Generous and Unkempt

Any doubts about the beard’s possible slide into cultural irrelevance are assuaged by the prevalence of articles and think-pieces detailing the continued popularity and changing shape of beards in 2016. As beards don’t appear to be going anywhere for the time being, it seems an appropriate moment to take an in-depth look at the fine line between generous and unkempt facial hair.

Tidy or Untidy

Beards can be a good-looking, rugged facial accessory, depending on how they are grown and styled. It’s always possible to get carried away, though, and without correct maintenance even the most rudimentary beards can look messy. It’s for these reasons that tightly sculpted, short-to-medium-length beards are tipped to become more popular than traditional styles in 2016, as evidenced by a glut of articles such as this convincing piece by Hairstyleonpoint.

No one is saying you have to opt for designer stubble or the close-cropped look advised by this article, but some degree of shaping or styling is a must. As recommended in this article by Menaji, a clear shaving gel is invaluable for any type of shaving, as it allows you to see what you are doing. A naturally messy beard is bad enough, but a patchy, uneven beard can be even worse.


As previously mentioned, some degree of maintenance is always necessary. How short or long you can have your beard obviously depends on factors such as employment and lifestyle, but as a general rule most bosses and managers will only tolerate shorter beards. Aside from wet-shaving or using an electric razor or trimmer – options that are often more viable for shorter beards – a small pair of scissors can be incredibly useful for removing stray hairs and achieving a uniform length and shape throughout.

Additionally, there are numerous products like creams, lotions and oils for beards that can be useful for styling and mitigating the appearance of stray hairs. These types of products are easily available online from sites such as Henry Tibbs and many others.

Beards seem to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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