Beat The Blues This Winter With A Few Tried And True Strategies

Are you tired of winter yet? Although it was a publicity stunt by a tourist agency to encourage people to get out of their homes and take a vacation, there is something to Blue Monday. Traditionally occurring on a later Monday in the month of January, Blue Monday is called the most miserable day of the year. It makes sense in some respects. It’s past the holidays, many have already cheated on their New Year’s resolutions and there are several months left of winter. Those who suffer the most this time of year are those tough soldiers that command over the home. Let’s take a look at two ways stay-at-home moms can overcome the bleakness of the winter and start the year off right.

Make Cleaning a Synch
One of the blessings of summertime is that nobody wants to stay inside. However, once winter rolls around, it seems like nobody wants to leave the house. After a while, the dust, dirt and dishes can add up. One of the best ways to reduce clutter and the workload is create a schedule. If you think of everything all at once, you’re sure to be overwhelmed and might miss stuff. Set a schedule where, for example, you know to dust on Tuesday and do the dishes every day after dinner. Speaking of dishes, another thing you might want to consider is installing an undermount kitchen sink if you don’t have one. Undermount kitchen sinks reduce the overall workload as you just have to clean the counters and don’t have to worry about the outer edge of the sink. Every mother knows how much fun it is to clean the kitchen. Any help is certainly welcome.

Make Sure to Take Care of Yourself
As a mother and a wife, you do everything that you can to keep your children and husband healthy. You make sure they’re bundled up if it’s cold outside and don’t let them get up from the dinner table until all of those veggies are gone. Being a stay-at-home mom is a fulltime job, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself too. Remember to take some time for you to exercise, meditate or take a bath – anything that will reduce stress and give your body some relief. Additionally, it’s important to realize that this is the time of the year when Seasonal Affected Disorder is at its height. This is due to a lack of Vitamin D from little exposure to the sun and overall cabin fever. Remember to socialize with friends and, if needed, consider light therapy as a way to get that extra Vitamin D.

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