Beautify Your Windows With Customized Curtains

Window curtains are used by people to cover their windows. Curtains are used in almost all homes and corporate offices today, mainly with two intentions. One is to protect windows from dust and other pollutants. Another intention is to increase the beauty of windows. This new intention is being seen in well to do families and in some cases, this has become the main intention of people rather than preventing dust from entering in!

Windows are like a connection between internals and externals of home. They are very important to let air and sunlight entering into room. No matter whatever may be the reason for using curtains for windows, it is important to choose the right type of curtain to fulfill all our needs.

In order to understand what type of curtain suits your window, it is necessary to study the type of window at first. Different types of windows are casement window, French style window, picture window and bay window. A beautiful window which is adorned with an ornamental curtain increases the beauty of home to a great extent. A window without a curtain looks like a peacock without its characteristic train.

Other intentions of curtain are to keep inquisitive and unwanted onlookers at bay. Such curtains provide privacy to people who are there inside home. They prevent strong sunlight from entering inside. They are lined with threads, pleated or fully designed with customized styles. Thus they are ideal for classical home designs. There are both lighter and heavier curtains designed with different types of materials and one can choose either a heavier one or a lighter one depending on his needs. If you want sunlight and air inside your room, you have to choose a lighter curtain and if you don’t want light, it is better to choose a heavier curtain.

There are a large number of fabrics available for making window curtains. It is important to ensure that fabrics chosen for making window curtains are in perfect harmony with interiors of room and other materials used for designing interiors of home. It is always better to choose a set of curtains, a set containing 4-5 curtains or so, all of which are designed with different fabrics and made in different styles. They can be changed alternatively to give a new look to windows every day.

Having a good combination of lined and plain curtains is another important thing to keep in mind to make your home look beautiful. Such a combination ensures privacy inside your home and along with that, you also get a good proportion of sunlight which gets filtered through these curtains and enters into home. Lined curtains are usually very expensive; hence most people choose plain curtains.

Velvets, silks, satins and damasks are certain types of fabrics which are used for making beautiful curtains. There are other options like cottons, laces etc for making curtains, but they are usually used for making light curtains. Dress materials are also used in many cases for making curtains which look beautiful and attractive while keeping your privacy inside your home undisturbed.

Lizzy works for P&S Drapes, a supplier of custom made curtains in Melbourne.

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