Become A Master Of The Kitchen.

Becoming a master of our own kitchen is a near on impossible task, only because there is always something new to learn or a new technique to perfect.

Amateur cooks can however impressive friends and work on new skills both by reading and learning. One of the most successful ways to learn new cookery tips and tricks is via lessons.

From cookery schools to pop up demonstration booths in department stores, there is a huge selection out there to choose from and by learning in small chunks, you can put all these skills together to wow your nearest and dearest at the next dinner party.

A quick search online will show you how many restaurants now offer cooking lessons. Learn techniques from cuisines all over the world in order to be able to grow your repertoire of dishes.

Interactive demonstrations are a great way to learn, especially for those who pick things up better by seeing a visual demo rather than just reading a book.

Being able to look, touch and taste helps bring the experience to life and you’ll go home keen to recreate what you’ve learnt.

Live cooking enables the tutor to express themselves through their passion and you’re sure to learn about all aspects from where to source the best ingredients to making your dish really look spectacular on the serving plate.

Some people prefer to learn in a larger group whilst others work better in a more intimate atmosphere. Whatever you like best, you are guaranteed to find it.

Look out for specialist food fairs and food markets. Places that will awaken your senses and feed you with inspiration. Ask questions and taste samples.

Ensuring you have the right tools for the job is equally as important as the right ingredients for a recipe. Stock your kitchen with good knives, pots, pans and serving dishes. Add to your collection as time progresses, electrical items such as blenders and food processors can also help you to try more elaborate dishes.

Being a master of your kitchen would conjure up an image of somebody who is excellent at everything. However, you could choose to focus your efforts into one specialist area and become the master of that. Sometimes time constraints or other lifestyle factors get in the way and the old saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ can become evident if you’re trying to be excellent at too many things.

Choose something you enjoy making or more importantly, eating. Look at how you can improve by researching, purchasing books or signing up for a local class. Practice is key, make items for gifts, test recipes out on friends or create your own signature dish that everyone asks for at a party of special occasion. Be it baking, pastry making, sushi rolling, a particular specialty cuisine such as Thai or Indian, dishes with a certain ingredient such as wine or cheese, whatever you decide, enjoy it, put some time into it and almost certainly you will master it.

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This article was contributed by Lloyd, a freelance writer and blogger, who is currently working with Range Cookers.

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