Beer, Football, Cuff Links; What Else Can A Man Want?

Men are Simple Creatures – Or are they?
The more cynical amongst us will say that Valentine’s Day is for and about women. It is for men, husbands and boyfriends to romance their partners or for those singles with an object of affection to express their feelings clear in a hope it isn’t unrequited. Interestingly to a certain extent, is true. Most gifts for men are alcohol based, chocolates, something on the kinky side or the sort of cuddly toys that women would want their men to buy them but men do not necessarily appreciate. Quite frankly, in the past there has been little imagination in gift buying for men and equally frankly, as men are not particularly good at communicating what they want they or even thinking of presents they might want for themselves!

But that does not mean that the man in your life will not appreciate a well thought out present and it doesn’t have to be as clichéd as a bottle of whiskey, aftershave, novelty underwear or a fully illustrated karma sutra. If you are thoughtful, pay attention to what he likes and what he finds romantic then there are many presents that you can buy for your man without spending a lot of money.

Valentine’s Day His Way
If your man likes sport, there are many ideas that you already have at your disposal. You can buy him a season ticket to his favourite club, a personalised shirt of his favourite football club, a weekend away to see a motor race or you can go for something a little different. In recent years, gift websites have offered personalised chronicles for many football teams. These are large books with reproduction newspapers with facts, figures and stats from articles going back to the birth of the football club. If he plays sports, if he is a runner or plays for a Sunday league football team for example, he will certainly appreciate an upgrade to his training equipment.

A lot of men like cars and if your man is one of them, he will certainly appreciate a track day driving a car that he will possibly never be able to afford! Let him drive a Ferrari or an Aston Martin for a day, or let him take his own vehicle for a spin on a race track and you will make him very happy. Another option is to ride in a two-seater formula 1 car with a team test driver. These are fairly typical presents for men these days. If all else fails, there is always a course of golf lessons.

Short Breaks with Him in Mind
If you would like to buy him a gift with both of you in mind, men do appreciate a romantic weekend away as much as any woman – though our ideas on what makes a romantic weekend might differ. Spa weekends can be the perfect break for couples. While you are getting a manicure and pampering yourself with a massage, he can learn to play golf or be mountain biking through the open woodland. The Jacuzzi and heated pool you may enjoy together of course and at the end of the evening you can come together to share a glass of champagne and a romantic meal.

Never underestimate the freedom he feels in getting away from it all and showing his manly side! Take him to a remote log cabin either in the UK or on the continent away from civilisation and he will take delight in the log fire he makes and never underestimate the romantic feeling of having nobody else for miles around. Depending on the time of year, he may appreciate a short break at a ski resort. Even if you do not like skiing and have no intention of learning, a log cabin in the mountains with a roaring fire is very romantic for most men. Plus, there may also be a spa for you to enjoy together in those cosy evenings.

Sam Mulder puts a lot of thought into the gifts he buys for others and therefore appreciates when a partner puts as much thought into buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him as he will for her.

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