“Benefits Of Hiring Over Buying Lifting Gear”

The use of lifting gear will differ from industry to industry across a range of variables, these need to all be considered when you are contemplating either buying or renting lifting gear.

For example if it you need a specific piece of equipment but it looks like you will only need use it a couple of times you have to decide whether for the purchase price you’ll get enough use out of it!

Benefits of Hiring Lifting Gear

So what are the benefits of Hiring Lifting Gear and Equipment over purchasing lifting gear? Well there are some key advantages when it comes to hiring over purchasing: –

  • Infrequent users of lifting equipment may only need to hire the lifting equipment as and when needed
  • Hired items are constantly safety checked and fit for use
  • Cost effective – lifting equipment can be very expensive to purchase
  • The maintenance of the lifting gear is the responsibility of the equipment rental provider you choose; therefore, you do not have to maintain the equipment
  • If the equipment breaks or has a fault, you do not have to spend time and money repairing the equipment
  • You do not have to store the lifting equipment longer than necessary
  • Higher capital available for your business as the hired lifting gear will not appear as a liability aspect on your businesses balance sheet

Put simply hiring lifting gear will help keep your processes cost effective by ensuring you are only paying for equipment when you use it rather than paying a large some once and having a piece of equipment sat in storage more often than not losing money.

Also upon working with a lifting gear hire specialist you are (hopefully) really dealing with an expert in that field. This ensures that you are definitely selecting the right piece of kit for the job and that said kit is fully compliant with the laws governing the safe use of the equipment.

The final consideration is logistics, most lifting gear once hired will be delivered to the site of your choosing, now if you are working in a new area which happens to be far from your base it may be worth considering whether hiring equipment from a local supplier is more cost effective than transporting a big piece of kit over a large distance, fuel isn’t exactly cheap these days so if you can make a saving it may be worth it!

PDQ lifting operate across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Merseyside providing rental and sales of lifting gear to the construction industry.

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