Benefits Of Tanning Beds

Sun beds are a very popular alternative to tanning in the sun. This is an artificial method of sun tanning that removes all the stress of exposing your body in the sun for long hours and having to risk health problems that come along with it. So what are the benefits of tanning beds against sunlight tanning and other types of sunless tanning?


A lot of people would have preferred traditional sunlight tanning instead of the fake tan but for the fear of their privacy. Most people may not have large gardens where they can get naked and get their skin tanned in the sun without getting spied on. Tanning beds eliminate this problem because all you need is to plug it and get into the bed right there in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have one in your house you can visit salons that offer tanning bed services where you can have a bed in privacy. With tanning beds you don’t need not to fear someone spying out on you like when you are at the open beach tanning.


People living in areas with plenty of sunlight can easily have access to the sun and get tanned but what about those in areas where the sun hardly comes out. The solution is to make use of tanning beds. You can place them in a room in your house and get your body tanned as much as you like. People who live in areas with plenty of sunlight also have issues with their work schedules and timetable. With tanning beds you won’t need to worry about that at all. You can do it anytime you have the space and the chance to do it.

Convenience & Consistency

Many people prefer bed tanning as it removes all the stress of preparing yourself for sunlight tanning either at the beach, at a friend or neighbour’s place or in your own garden. Since the sun is natural and cannot be controlled tanning under it is limited to its availability or weather conditions. If the clouds come out too much you might not get the level of tanning you thought you would have. This isn’t a problem with a tanning bed since you can control it. Tanning beds can be set to control the amount of UV lights you are exposed to so you can determine how much of the UV dosage that will hit your skin.

Perfect Tanning

It is a bit hard to get a perfect tan with fake tan because you will have to apply it physically and with sunlight because you can’t control it. But with tanning beds everything can easily be achieved effectively and without any problems. Tanning beds can help you achieve a perfect tan within a short period of time because different parts of your body are exposed to the same amount UV light. That’s something that is rarely achievable with outdoor tanning.

Health Benefits

Studies show that people using tanning beds usually come out feeling happy and refreshed both in their body and mind. This is due to the increase in the level of a neurochemical known as endorphin that occurs after they have gone through a tanning session.  Also, the ultraviolet rays from the bed can help cure skin problems like eczema and psoriasis because of its therapeutic effects. Making use of tanning beds can also help eliminate winter depression effect known as seasonal affective disorder.

Lisa Nesbitt is a regular user of tanning beds and she likes a fake bake spray tan. She feels that they are safe and convenient to use.

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