Benefits Of Ubiquinol Supplementation Derive From Its Potent Antioxidant And Energy-Enhancing Properties

Benefits Of Ubiquinol Supplementation

Ubiquinol is produced normally in cells from Coenzyme Q10 to facilitate the energy transfer from a multitude of fat- and carbohydrate-burning chemical processes to the production of energy in the form of ATP. Ubiquinol deficiency hits the most active organs of the body first, which are the heart, brain and kidneys. Low levels of ubiquinol and CoQ10 occur as people age, or as a side effect of cholesterol-lowering therapy through statin drugs, which diminish the production of CoQ10 in the liver. CoQ10 has a lower potency than ubiquinol active form, because it has less prominent antioxidant properties, although it retains the same energy-enhancing effects. Ubiquinol energy production takes place in special cellular “power-plants” called mitochondria, where the nutrients we obtain from food are “burned” and the energy is transferred and carried by CoQ10 and ubiquinol to form more ATP, which is the molecule that releases energy whenever and wherever it is needed. Therefore, ubiquinol active form is used to form energetic deposits that are consumed during heart muscle contraction, waste removal in kidneys or other normal processes in the body. The significance of ubiquinol energy stimulation is huge, because ubiquinol and CoQ10 are used to produce more than 95 percent of all body ATP and energy.

Antioxidant Ubiquinol Acts As A Shield Protecting Body Cells From Toxic “Threats”

Besides stimulation of energy production, ubiquinol active form has prominent antioxidant properties. All body cells, but especially highly active heart and kidney cells, are continuously “attacked” by metabolic waste chemicals, aggressive free oxygen radicals or toxins that are formed during metabolic activities or ingested through food. There is no way to stop the formation of these harmful substances; one can only enhance the cellular protection against them. This goal is achieved by increasing the intake of antioxidants. The most powerful antioxidant is ubiquinol; not only does it support free radical removal and protection against toxins, but it is also used to replenish and restore other antioxidants, such as Vitamin E or Vitamin A. Ubiquinol benefits are very important when it comes to cancer protection because aggressive free radicals have the ability to damage cellular DNA and cause cell mutations. Neutralizing free oxygen radicals and protecting against other metabolic residues contributes to not only a lower cancer risk, but also slower aging.

Ubiquinol Benefits Also Include Protection From Consequences Of High Stress And Fatigue Relief

High stress, anxiety and emotional trauma increase the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol or adrenaline. Their short-term effects are beneficial, because they protect the body from imminent danger by channeling the stored energy to sustain brain and muscle function. However, in the long run, high stress and anxiety cause significant health harm because they lead to fatigue, low energy levels and loss of stamina. Ubiquinol deficiency is a significant factor due to its depletion caused by stress hormones. Ubiquinol supplements effectively combat the consequences of chronic stress and eliminate fatigue through stimulation of energy production and potent antioxidant protection. Aging also leads to ubiquinol and CoQ10 deficiency. Supplementing natural levels of ubiquinol is a safe and side-effect-free way to slow down aging and achieve more stamina and physical endurance, as well as mental well-being and enhanced mental focus.

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