Benefits Of Using LinkedIn For Lawyers

LinkedIn is the number one social tool available today to create a sound corporate image, connect with clients and business peers on a virtual level and promote your skills and expertise on a wider and more detailed platform.

Though legal services are hugely dependent on building relationships and connecting to clients on a personal level, LinkedIn can greatly enhance the power of professional networking and help you socialize, expand and control your image and position effectively on the web.

There are several advantages of using LinkedIn for lawyers, and some of them are listed as follows:

Why Should You Have a LinkedIn Profile?

As a lawyer, having a LinkedIn profile has several advantages. LinkedIn can help you;

–          Get in touch with old acquaintances and start your professional relationship anew.

–          Strengthen ties with current contacts and stay in touch with them.

–          Meet new people who share your interests and get new prospective clients.

–          Enhance your visibility and promote your unique brand.

–          Stay aplomb with the trends and news in the market.

–          Facilitate in the exchange of new information.

–          Conduct business meetings and engage in discussions with fellow peers and clients.

Tips for Making an Effective LinkedIn Profile

On LinkedIn you should not only create a profile, but detail an effective profile that fully portrays your skills and vision and helps you make the most out of every potential business opportunity.

Go through the following tips regarding LinkedIn for lawyers that can help you effectively create, promote and market your profile in a wider scope to the market, making it beneficial and fruitful for your career.

Bio, Title and Headline

Create a complete, detailed and striking profile by adding a professional bio and headline about yourself. Your headline will serve as a professional summary of your skills, and it is a powerful and significant way to communicate your skills, vision and thinking as a lawyer. Use your title to tell the people what you do, what your expertise is and where you work. This will be the first impression anyone will have of you, so make it work!


Making connections is a great way to stretch your corporate circle and find new opportunities of enhancing your career. Connect with clients, fellow coworkers and even your competitors to stay updated about the goings-on of the market.

Group Discussions

Staying active in groups and participating in discussions is one of the best tools that LinkedIn has on offer for lawyers and legal associates. This will give you a more personal platform to interact and share your views on different matters, as well as help you find new avenues and areas in your professional career.


Networking is the key essential that has made LinkedIn for lawyers an amazing opportunity. There are several ways in which you can extend your networking web on LinkedIn. Some of these include:

–          Share your recent updates, accomplishments and articles on your profile to stay in the limelight and let people notice you!

–          Write references and recommendations and ask clients and coworkers to write them for you as well. This will portray your credibility to other users and promote your exclusive “brand”.

–          Link your LinkedIn profile with other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to enhance the connecting web even more.

Nikos Rotsides is a deticated Cyprus Lawyer that writes law publications for topics like family law, personal injuries, Corporate and other law related subjects.

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