Best Homes For A Bond Villain

Exotic, mysterious and often completely unbelievable, the classic lair of the Bond villain can seem like the type of construction that could only be dreamed up for the movies. However, over the years there have been a few wild designs that would look perfectly at home as the hideout for even the most eccentric Bond baddie.

Michael Jordan’s Old House, US
A house for an arch nemesis to James Bond needs to be utterly opulent and for this, nothing can better the 32,683 square foot former home of ex-basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The two-time Chicago Bulls player had the house built for him in 1995 during his second spell in the famous red vest. The monster mansion features 15 full bathrooms, four baths and, of course, a full size basketball court. Although there aren’t too many Bond baddies who would use the court, a sporting foe for 007 is certainly something for the writers to think about.

Eco House, Britain
Across the pond in Britain, loony soccer star Gary Neville has had to battle hard to get permission to construct his eco friendly house, but the news that the former Premier League player has finally got the go ahead for the build will be music to the ears of Bond villains everywhere. The innovative abode features several underground rooms making it the perfect place to store any captured 00 agents. Moreover the proposed pad will be 100% carbon neutral, meaning that a budding Bond antagonist could maintain a low profile, under the radar of the law.

Dancing House, Czech Republic
The warped exterior of the Dancing House in the Czech Republic is exactly the thing to reflect the warped mindset of a villainous Bond baddie. The unusual facade was designed by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunic, who worked in conjunction with Canadian counterpart Frank Gehry. The building was constructed with the intention of being a center of cultural activity, so planners will just have to hope that there aren’t any Bond villains with designs on the unique property.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands
Owned by bearded British businessman Richard Branson, the Necker Islands would make the perfect base for a Bond villain. Bought by Branson for just $300,000 in 1979, the idyllic island now features various luxury properties and several private beaches, offering the peace and tranquillity needed for an unscrupulous scoundrel to dream up evil Bond snaring schemes. The island is also in the middle of a tax haven, which would offer Goldfinger and Co some truly amazing mortgage rates so that they could pour all their finances into getting that pesky British spy.

Hotel Puerta America, Spain
The Hotel Puerta America is a futuristic building in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Although currently used as a commercial guesthouse, the incumbent owners would surely be powerless to resist an aggressive takeover by a determined Bond adversary. Each floor of the building was designed by a different architect, and the fourth level is fitted with a nightmarish arrangement of distorting mirrors, the ideal setting for an out of work Bond baddie to recreate the ending to his favorite Bond film.

Donald Taffin is an architecture enthusiast and regular contributor to numerous design blogs.

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