Best Indian Restaurants In Soho

Soho is a mash up of every kind of taste, style and cuisine that you can think of, and so if you are looking for some good Indian dining, then you will most certainly find it n good quality in Soho. Soho, being the business meeting and entertaining district of London, takes great pride in all of its restaurants and so if you are thinking about where to eat Indian in Soho, then we have picked out our top three to help you navigate.

1.)   Cinnamon
In true Soho style, Cinnamon is a very modern Indian dining experience, clearly adapted and decorated to fit in with the fast, youth culture of the Soho scene. Daytime and nighttime are both great dining experiences here, and this is also a good food stop if you are on your way to or from the many local theatres. The food is your classic Indian dishes, with all of the specialty dishes: Jalfrezi, tikka masala, sheek kebabs, only unlike the traditional Indian styles, the food comes modern, pretty and delicately arranged on plates for your aesthetic pleasure as well as your taste. The service is exceptional, and the environment very down to earth, relaxed, young and stylish. The bar is well stocked too, so if you are not the traditional beer drinker, there are more than enough options to keep your thirst at bay and your taste buds entertained.  This is the upper end type of Indian restaurant, perfect for a special evening, an important dinner or for general impressing of others.

2.)   Delhi Brasserie
The Delhi Brasseries is Indian and elegant. Situated right off Soho Square, this restaurant is one that attracts returning visitors thanks to it’s fine dining experience, with authentic Indian dining. Relaxed, and clearly catering more for the intimate, business and dating crowd, this restaurant feel more like a secret discovery, than a restaurant that is bursting with custom (even though it is bursting with custom!). Service here is exceptional, and the food is very authentic arriving at your table sizzling and sweating in the way that you would expect. Prices are very reasonable, and drinks aplenty – a great one for a night out with friends.

3.)   Masala Zone
Masala Zone is fast Indian food, where Indian food comes in easy to eat portions,  in a similar style to Nandos rather than the usual sit down, saucy discovery of classic Indian restaurants. The result is a very easy to navigate menu, quick service and a quick Indian flavor hit which is perfect for a short eat, a relaxed time with friends or simply to satisfy a craving for Indian. Most of the menu is easy to eat, handheld food in the form of chops, chickpea and spice blends, prawns and dips, making Masala Zone a highly social and fun evening of Indian food,  or better yet a lunch time meeting or gathering. Masala Zone is  a great place to try your first ever Indian meal, or if you like you Indian food spicy but not too spicy.

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