Best Office Pranks

For as long as human beings have been working, we have been getting bored at work. The end result is a veritable pantheon of timeless office pranks. One need only imagine the antics of Tim and Gareth on The Office or the innumerable scenarios from Office Space to get a few ideas.

Be advised, though, those who prank get pranked. Revenge will be a necessary next step for the wounded egos of your work colleagues. The good old fashioned method of keeping your eyes peeled is perhaps your best defense. Look for coworkers who make unexplained eye contact or seem to smile when speaking to you; they may have something tricky up their sleeves. Above all else, do not leave your computer unattended while it is unlocked. Always sign off before leaving your desk.

If signing off as a user on your computer is impossible or a little too much trouble, at least log out of all email and social media accounts. You do not want to return to your seat to find a less-than-flattering photo from your office Christmas party as your new profile pic on Facebook. If you are not afraid of a little retaliation, see below for our list of best office pranks.

Annoying Software Updates
These tricky little programs are easy to manage if you know the key to shutting them down, but clueless victims will be in for hours of frustration. RJL Software’s Avoid program causes a computer’s start button to literally bounce away from its mouse cursor. Your coworker can chase the start button around his/her computer screen as it avoids mouse clicks. Similarly, DesktopFly covers your colleague’s monitor or laptop screen with moving, seemingly alive flies. The perfect prank for those who are a bit phobic of insects, this software will create quite the stir in the office.

Logging into Social Media Accounts
This tried and true prank is a sure way to embarrass a coworker, and it can be taken to many extremes. You can change a coworker’s password while using his/or social media accounts, making your prank little bit harder to stop. Simply wait for your college to leave his/her computer unattended (perhaps you can enlist another coworker for a quick distraction), and then log into open Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts. Make a few hilarious updates, swap out profile pictures and cover photos, or send a few messages to your coworker’s secret crushes.

Disable the Mouse
You can render your coworker’s mouse ineffective my simply pressing a sticky note over the ball on its underside. Be sure to cut the slip of paper so it is not visible from the top of the mouse.

Salty Coffee
Replace the sugar in the bowl of your office kitchen with table salt. Your caffeine-addicted colleagues will be in for quite a surprise on their first sip.

Email Confessions
In the same way that you can hijack a coworker’s social media accounts, you can easily sign into the work email of those unwitting colleagues who leave their computers unattended. You can even enlist a few willing participants to login to the email accounts of multiple victims. Begin an email chain of hilarious confessions. You can send an unexpected love email or simply confess to embarrassing behavior. The sky is the limit, until your colleague finds out.

This is a guest post by Lindsey Mcmahon, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time travel advisor. She currently works for Dryland, a UK based company who offers the best serviced offices in London. 

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