Best Search Engines To Use

Search engines are ubiquitous in our use of the internet, with most of us turning to them on multiple occasions each day. Whilst many people use browsers which are connected with one search engine or another, this wasn’t always the case, although there are still people who remain staunch advocates of a certain brand, despite there being plenty of competition.


What is a Search Engine?

It is easy to take the technology behind a search engine for granted as we use them to find out whatever information we require. Basically speaking, a search engine crawls through an index of websites based on key terms and phrases supplied by site owners and webmasters. This all happens in a fraction of a second, with often hundreds of millions of responses ranked and returned to your screen.


It is impossible to talk about search engines without mentioning the industry leader. Google was founded after most of its competitors, but dominates the market, with an astonishing 69% of web searches taking place on its pages, knocking Bing into second place with 25%. On mobiles and tablets, Google’s penetration goes further, with almost 90% of searches being carried out there.

When looking at ways in which to ensure that your business appears in the results returned by search engines, it is important to make certain that your web pages are optimised to work with the algorithms in place to rank results. This practice is called search engine optimisation (or SEO for short), and has come a long way since the days where sites just needed to include a page of key words and back links to satisfy the search engine site crawlers. In each sector there are experts out there who can help your site work within the laws of each search engine’s algorithm, so for example for healthcare seo, a site like bhm experts in healtcare seo would be a great first port of call.


With 25% of the market share, Microsoft’s entry into the search engine market, Bing is firmly established as the second choice search engine. Much of this traffic probably stems from the fact that Bing is the default option for searches carried out on Internet Explorer, helping it to claw back some ground on Google.


One of the biggest names in the internet in the 1990s, Yahoo’s results are now provided by Bing. This search engine remains popular thanks to the fact that many people have stuck to Yahoo’s e-mail service, which is actually the most popular e-mail provider, putting it firmly into third place when people are conducting a web search.


Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, the search engine dropped the butler’s presence which formed the bulk of its widespread advertising campaigns in order to appeal to a more modern and savvy audience. The big selling point of this search engine is the community feel, but its results lack the depth of quality found on Google or Bing.

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