Best Summer Statement Accessories You’ll Want To Wear

You would be ignoring the role of accessories in your outfits at your own peril. Accessories are extremely powerful in building your overall look for an occasion. A bold piece of accessory has the potential to dramatize your entire look. When it’s summers, the weather is warm and sunny, you would want to show off your personal style. Wearing the best summer statement accessories will help you nail the summer look this season. In order to get the trends right, you must follow accessory trends thoroughly.

Best Summer Statement Accessories You’ll Want To Wear

Hopefully this article will help you make a seamless statement this summer. We have listed below the most distinguished and elegant statement accessories perfect for a summer look.

Crystal Clutches

Your summer look just got a whole lot more elegant and exclusive with this one. Casual clutch bags are practical and a great way to enhance your summer look. We have noticed a lot of navy clutch purses being showcased on popular Fashion Week Summer Collections. The navy blue clutch purse collection is trending, and a lot of fashion enthusiasts are already paying attention to this upcoming trend.

Statement Jewelry

Inarguably, jewelry helps in styling even the simplest of summer outfits. Wearing a metal necklace with your summer dress is a classic way to add a trendy twist to your summery look. If you are not into necklaces, try opting for earrings. Earrings are also a beautiful option. This summer, it is all about lobe-stretched earrings. Go for longer but lighter earrings and say good-bye to studs.

If you have a flair for anklets, add them to your list. Anklets look spectacular against a tanned skin.

When you are out shopping for your jewelry, think of colors that will complement your existing wardrobe. Of course, you can always experiment and even wear jewelries that add a contrast to your summer look.

Ponytail holder

This one is my favorite. Remember the childhood days when mum would forcefully tie hair using a simple ponytail holder. Back then, who knew this, could be such a fashionable accessory for grownups!  Feel inspired by nostalgia and take this hair accessory to a more glamorous level.

Think of crystal-beaded ponytail holders that add a bit of a charm to your summery hairstyle!


If you think the rule of fishnets is over, think again. Fishnets are back this summer, and that too in different forms. Designers and avid fashion followers are noticing them vividly.  It is preferable to wear short fishnet socks first before going all the way with full netted tights.

In the end, wear them in a way that brings you confidence and comfort.

Matrix-styled Sunglasses

Most of us are suckers of sunglasses, which makes this cool neon styled sunglasses even more attractive. The retro styled and oversized shades that we are so accustomed to are all gone. This summer, be prepared for some weird shaped matrix-like frames.

Experiment with bold colors and stop thinking of them as weird. Well, these glasses are a bit weird, but in a good way!

This summer when the sun is out shining bright, make a statement by wearing these cool accessories listed above. Lastly, don’t forget to wear your smile this summer. Really, there is no better accessory than your smile, and you can wear it with any outfit you like.

In addition, you must also stay on a lookout for fabulous crystal clutches designed for confident and driven women. Some of the best crystal clutches for ladies are available to complete their formal evening look.

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