Best Things To Do In Serbia

There are many reasons to visit Serbia. After all, this undiscovered gem offers an impressive blend of history, majestic nature, world-famous nightlife, and spectacular food.

Located in the South of Europe, Serbia is part of the Balkans and shares land borders with Albania, Montenegro, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Macedonia. You certainly see the influence of each of these neighbouring countries, which is part of what makes Serbia so interesting and diverse.

Best Things To Do In Serbia

While the complete list of attractions is too great to list, we take a look at some of the top things to do in Serbia.

Stara Planina Mountain

Located 330 kilometres from Belgrade is the largest mountain in eastern Serbia, Stara Planina Mountain, also known as “Old Mountain.” The protected natural park is considered a national treasure, with vast areas of green, remarkable flora and fauna, caves, waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Of course, it’s not just worth visiting for its stunning, unspoilt natural beauty; you can also go there to enjoy skiing, canyoning, and other adventure sports.

Health and Relaxation

Serbia isn’t just known for providing an adrenaline rush; it’s also known as a land of relaxations. There are numerous wellness spas that focus on bringing a bit of peace and tranquillity to your visit.

Health tourism in Serbia is also on the rise, and when you consider the country’s reputation for quality specialists and equipment, coupled with attractive prices, it comes as no surprise. From cosmetic surgeries to thermal spas and cancer treatment, there are many affordable medical procedures that are attracting visitors from far and wide.

Exit Musical Festival

The city of Novi Sad, located north of Belgrade, is well known for hosting one of the best music festivals in the world. The award-winning summer music festival, Exit, attracts indie, rock, and electronic music fans from around the world. It’s held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, which provides a stunning setting for the wild, memorable parties Exit has become known for.

Uvac Nature Reserve

Located in the municipality of Nova Varoš and Sjenica is Special Nature Reserve Uvac. Now considered one of nature’s masterpieces, this wonderful tourist destination comprises the valley of the Uvac river, including the Uvac Gorge.

The river’s steep curving meanders attract many visitors keen to observe the zigzag of the beautiful green river through steep limestone rock. While here, you can also enjoy several hiking trails, bird watching, boat trips, kayaking, and caving, while looking out for rare plant and animal life.

Golubac Fortress

One of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe is Golubac Fortress, a 14th-century castle on the south side of the Danube River, that has withstood years of battle as several nations have fought for its control.

The Ten Towers are indeed one of its most striking features and well worth visiting. Connected by a series of walls, they were originally constructed to protect the fortress’ defenders armed with swords and spears. Come and learn more about its fascinating history while you enjoy the stunning views.