Best Used Cars For The Year

With the recession finally ending many people are now looking to replace their current cars. Still, many people can’t afford new vehicles. Have you considered looking for a used vehicle? Used cars are a great way to save money. That being said, everyone has heard horror stories about bad used cars. To make sure you get a good deal you should do some research. We have covered the best used sedans, now let’s look at some more used cars. All selections are based on a combination of reliability, availability, safety and values.

Best Used Coupe
The used 2005-2010 BMW 3 Series makes our list of best coupe and 3 Series is everything you would expect from a coupe. It is stylish and sporty yet manages to be practical when the need arrives.  Even the base entry level models have more than enough power to get you around town. The superb steering with an athletic chassis makes this car extremely fun to drive.  An all-new design came out in 2007 that added even more power and styling to this car with the added option of all-wheel drive.  It also has good fuel economy and a turbo diesel option. It’s no wonder this car is still one of the most popular in its category.

Best Used Convertible
Our best used convertible award goes out to the 2005-2010 Mazda Miata. Fans of this car have proven extremely loyal to it over the years and if you drive it you will find out why. It is ultra-responsive coupled with great steering. It also has a peppy engine and an easy clutch that is available in stick shift if you opt to do so. Another great feature about the Miata is that unlike many of its competitors it is highly affordable to the average buyer. Its great reliability, good fuel economy and aftermarket value make this one is a no brainer.

Best Used Compact SUV/Crossover
The 2005-2010, used Honda CR-V is our top choice in the category. It is space-efficient, easy to drive and has good fuel economy. For its size it boasts as much cargo space as some SUV’s in a larger class. Generally speaking it is more than enough room for everyday use. While no V6 option is available the inline 4 still provides more than enough power to haul you and your kin around town. It has excellent reliability and safety scores to ensure your kin arrives safely. In 2007 it saw a redesign that was met with mixed reviews but at its heart it is still the same vehicle.

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