Best Ways To Thank Your Employees On Employee Appreciation Day

When it comes to the day-to-day grind, it is easy to take one another for granted. Things at work are very busy and sometimes you fail to stop and recognize someone for their outstanding efforts or to thank someone for all they do for the office as a whole. Thankfully, each year there is a day where all of those important recognitions can occur—Employee Appreciation Day. It is important that employers take the time to thank their employees for all that they do because good morale has been shown to increase productivity and accountability. If you want your employees to continue to take pride in their work, you need to take some pride in them.

Office Awards
One way you can show your employees how important they are to the business as a whole is to give out office awards. These do not need to turn into high school year book superlatives, but each award given (as it would only be appropriate to give awards to everyone if that is what you are thinking of doing) should have the individual in mind. This gives you the opportunity to really speak towards the things you appreciate most, in turn, your employee will realize that you have noticed the extra efforts they have put in here and there.

Some examples of custom awards you can give out at your office include:

–          Midnight Oil Burner Award – for those late-night workers

–          Office Organizer Award – for those who are always keeping business running smooth by making sure everything is in its place

–          Above and Beyond Award – for the employee who really makes it a point to always exceed expectations

–          Client Wrangler Award – for those who maintain composure when dealing with difficult clients and customers

Small Mementos
Perhaps awards do not strike your fancy or fit in with the overall atmosphere of your office—no need to worry. There are plenty of other ways to let your employees know you are thankful for all they do. Just giving out small tokens to your employees will let them know that you appreciate the work they are doing. You can do anything from predesigned tokens to something a bit more personal, it all depends on how you wish to express your gratitude.

Time to Prepare
As an employer, it is important that you set an example by recognizing hard work. Remember, Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday in March every year, so time is already ticking down. Do not let this opportunity to boost morale and the overall office atmosphere fly by, take the time to thank those that make your business the great success it is.

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