Better Late Than Never: The Use Of GPS Tracker To Prove Innocence

Virtual Beginnings
This love story began like so many do now, with an introduction online that led to virtual flirtations and a meeting that led to love at first sight. This older couple had been together for almost eight months when they decided to move on to the next stage of their relationship and move in together. Though each had some reservations, they decided it was the best way forward and so proceeded to find a property and start a life together. Being older both had had previous relationships and were a little unsure and lacked confidence.

Technical Hitch
A month or two after moving in together, a few problems began to arise as the client’s suspicions were aroused over her partner’s behaviour. Every few weeks her partner would disappear for several hours without telling her where he had been. The client never asked about where he was going but became suspicious as he never shared his participation in this activity openly with her unlike everything else they did. The relationship was otherwise very open and loving and the pair remained happy though the client could not shake her suspicions over his behaviour on these occasions. She had been badly cheated on in the past and it was difficult for her to trust although she really wanted to.

Click For Help
The client decided that the best way to restore her complete happiness in the relationship would be to find out the truth about what her partner was up to. Though she didn’t wish to risk destroying the relationship by confronting her partner, it was a risk because of the uncertainties and doubts that she felt. She decided to come to us to find out the answers she needed with discretion and certainty and so made contact with us online. She was very nervous and felt guilty about the call but our friendly staff made her feel a lot better.

Bug Report
After consultation with the client, once she had made contact with us, we decided that the best way of proceeding with the investigation and putting an end to the client’s doubts would be to use a combination of GPS vehicle tracking and surveillance. This would allow us to establish where the target was travelling to and provide us with a location to observe him from. The investigation proved fairly straightforward and we were quickly able to identify the area her partner was travelling to. From this we proceeded with surveillance to assess what he was doing as well.

Romantic Re-Boot
Following the surveillance session that took place, operatives went through the footage obtained to create a report to present to the client. We were able to reassure the client of her partner and her relationship with the evidence we found. It was found that in these periods of absence, the target had been visiting an elderly gentleman he had been acquainted with for many years, not another woman as the client had feared. After the investigation the couple were able to move forward with their relationship and have since become engaged and are very happy together.

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