Birds: Natures Opportunists

Birds are one of nature’s great opportunists. The degradation of their natural habitats has also made them come ever closer to ours in order to find somewhere to roost and feed. All birds need is shelter and access to a food source and with human food waste at every turn in towns and cities, many companies have on-going problems with bird control.

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Birds & Building Developments

If you are intending on starting a building development project, then you need to be thinking about birds from the off. If you plan on demolishing a derelict building that has nesting birds you will experience problems straightaway. If you are lucky enough to be building on an area that has no bird population at present, you will need to ensure you put up sufficient deterrents to prevent them from nesting during the building works. Accounting for bird control needs to feature very early in development stages as delays due to bird control issues could prove very costly.

Birds and the Law

What’s markedly different about controlling nuisance birds in comparison to species such as rats, mice or cockroaches, is that birds are protected in UK Law. The Wildlife and Countryside act of 1981 prohibits the harming or killing of any birds and also prohibits upsetting or moving any nests once they have been made. This makes controlling nuisance birds much more of a challenge that other sorts of pests.

Specialist nuisance bird management companies may be able to help control nuisance bird populations without harming them.

What You Can Do

There are some things you can do yourself to try and prevent birds from nesting in your office or building. Make sure that bins are regularly emptied and the area around them is clean and tidy – a lack of waste could stop birds choosing to nest in your building. Getting an office cleaning Cheltenham company to come in regularly should help keep them at bay and also keep the office looking spick and span at the same time.  Check out what cleaning companies are out there by clicking links including

Other Protected Opportunists

Birds are not the only species that are both opportunists and are protected by UK law. Bats and newts are common problems for developers.

Birds are impressive opportunists and can nest or roost in a number of places, provided they are simply sheltered and fed. This can be a costly and potentially dangerous situation to be in, so it’s better to be proactive than reactive at all times when it comes to bird control.

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