BITSAT – The Mystery Of 12 Extra Questions

BITS Pilani is now one of the six Indian “Institutes of Eminence”, one more reason to seek admission into the best private engineering institute of the country.

BITSAT – The Mystery Of 12 Extra Questions

Are you preparing for it yet?

BITSAT has 40 Physics, 40 Chemistry, 45 Math, 10 Logical Reasoning and 15 English questions to be solved within 3 hours. Hence speed and accuracy are the key factors to be mastered. Apart from these, there are 12 extra questions in BITSAT which are most talked about. Students often feel confused about whether to attempt these or not.

“Should I attempt those if I have 10 minutes left? Or 15 minutes? Are they tougher than the other 150 questions? Do all students attempt these questions? What difference can they make in my overall performance?”

Well, there’s definitely a mystery surrounding the 12 extra questions in BITSAT. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

  • The 12 extra questions comprise of 4 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Marking scheme is the same, +3 for correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer.
  • You are not given any extra time to attempt these questions.
  • You must answer all the 150 questions (without skipping any of them) in the main section to be eligible to attempt the 12 extra questions.
  • Once you have entered this section, you cannot go back to or change your answers in the 150 questions’ section.
  • Consider attempting the extra questions only if you have at least 20 minutes left.
  • If your target is Computer Science in BITS Pilani, the cut-off is approximately 380. Doing the math, you must be sure of at least 135/150 correct answers to take a safe risk with the extra questions section.
  • It is a general belief that the extra questions are of JEE Advanced level. But candidates who have attempted it claimed that they are only slightly tougher than the first section.

So here’s the catch – don’t rush through the entire paper in order to attempt the extra questions. You’ll end up ruining the whole paper. Take your time and calmly finish the first section. If you have sufficient time left, only then go for the next section.

The D-Day Strategy

  • First go for the section you’re most confident about. The English and LR section is easy if you have invested some time in its preparation.
  • At any point during the exam, remember this one thing – you have 72 seconds per question on an average. So, if you’ve been struggling with a question for the last 3 minutes, just give it up! It’s not worth your time. It’s costing you 2 other questions without a guarantee of a right answer. You can simply mark it for review and come back later if you have time.
  • Every subject will have 3-4 tricky questions that are hard nuts to crack. But apart from them, the questions are simple and won’t take too long. Each question will get you 3 marks irrespective of its difficulty level. Hence, look for the easy questions and answer them first.
  • Be very careful of the negative marking scheme. Do not guess answers. 4-5 calculated guesses are okay. Anything more than that is a strict NO! You may have heard from a number of BITSians who made it through guessing answers. But remember, they are very few in number. Odds are you won’t be one of them. Our advice – don’t rely on your luck!
  • It’s always better to calmly analyse and solve 150 questions rather than answering them in a hurry to make it to the 12 extra questions. The paper is designed in such a manner that only the very brilliant students have spare time to solve them (unless you’ve been guessing through the paper!)

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