Block Out Radiation With An EMF Shield

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) surround everyday appliances, computers, mobile phones, radios, televisions and power lines. These fields are made up of electromagnetic waves oscillating through space, setting up a magnetic field and transferring a signal to and from the device. The type of wave is determined by its frequency (the number of waves that pass a fixed point per unit of time). Low frequency waves include radio waves, microwaves and infrared waves. High frequency waves include ultraviolet (UV) light, x-rays, and gamma rays. The higher the frequency of wave, the shorter the wavelength, and the greater overall radiation emitted from the source. Radiation exposure has long been a health concern. Low frequency waves in everyday use may emit less radiation, but still pose a health risk. EMF shields, along with other prevention methods, provide peace of mind to those concerned about their health and wellbeing.

EMF shields are designed to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation and are made of conducive or high permeability shielding alloys, such as sheet metal, copper or nickel. An EMF shield cannot remove the magnetic field completely, but rather absorbs or redirects the radiation with its barrier. This is because the materials in the shield attract the magnetic fields. Effective defense depends on the size, shape and orientation of the shield and the EMF.

There are various forms of EMF shields. Large conducive and permeable metal plates can protect against larger radiation forces (between 50-60 Hz), such as electrical panels, power lines, switchgear, transformers or unbalanced distribution lines. Radio waves (100 KHz – 100 GHz) produced from broadcast transmitters, two-way radio, mobile phones, microwaves, or navigational systems can be shielded using conductive materials to enclose a space. Doors, windows and vents are weak spots and require extra shielding. Lower frequency EMF, such as computers, heating systems, or anti-theft systems demand an EMF shield made of a conducive barrier, such as steel plate or metal foil.

Some EMF devices are required to have an EMF shield built or stamped into their structure in order to protect outside EMFs from interrupting its operations. Such devices include sensitive scientific equipment, which rely on accuracy for measurement. Having a shield allows the device to operate undisturbed. Microwave ovens are another example and have shields built into the oven window to prevent electromagnetic waves from passing through. Built-in shields also prevent EMFs from interrupting other devices nearby. Conflicting field disruptions occur everyday. Hospitals request mobile phones to be shut off while staying or visiting the property because it interferes with medical equipment. Other conflictions include mobile phone and aircraft operations, or mobile phones and computer monitors. Each device may be shielded, but interruptions can still occur. Further EMF exterior shielding may prevent this disruption.

Health is the primary concern when being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Since levels are hard to measure, no one can be sure of the exact amount of radiation they are encountering daily. The overhanging risk is too high to ignore, with reported links of cancer and radiation poisoning. There are some basic preventative techniques that include keeping your distance from electrical sources, limiting use of electronic devices and turning off electrical tools when not in use. Other, more effective measures may include investing in incandescent light bulbs, LCD flat screen televisions, and high quality appliances with EMF shields built-in.

A laptop shield is a new EMF shield innovation that provides protection against electromagnetic radiation. By placing the shield underneath the laptop, a user is able to operate their device with no fear of absorbing radiation through direct contact with the device. The shield itself diverts the radiation away from the device. Not only does this provide adequate defense against radiation and thermal heat, it cuts the health risk associated with laptop computers.

It is estimated that human exposure to electromagnetic radiation is one million times greater than it was in the past. Although many wireless devices were designed to make lives easier, the increase of electromagnetic waves just adds another concern to the list of health threats. Practicing safe use, along with making smart investments, such as a laptop EMF shield purchased from this site, can decrease exposure to harmful radiation, protect daily health and give users peace of mind.

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