Boost Your E-Commerce Sales With Google Product Listings

Product Listing Ads provide online merchants with the opportunity to include images in listings sponsored by Adwords. The product has become a huge success since the beta testing ended, and the product became available to anyone. This method has been proven to increase sales online.

What Precisely is a Product Listing Ad?

The small thumbnail image of the products featured next to the Adwords image is known as the Prodcut Listing Ad. Some Product Listing Ads contain information such as product ratings and providing prices. Both merchants and Google can benefit from this service.

Ecommerse sales can be boosted through a new Product Listing Ad. This campaign can be managed through a Merchant Center. AdWords interface may be slightly confusing and complicated, but new Product Listing Ads are worth the effort because the return on investment.

The Effectiveness of AdWords Product Listing Ads

According the Google, there are hundreds of millions of products advertised, and studies show that people are twice as likely to select a Product Listing Ad. These ads are more effective than standard text ads in the same location.

For the Best Results, Get Professional Help

Effectively completing an Adwords product listing ad is a commitment. When done properly, Product Listing Ads can be highly profitable. Professionals can help with research, AdWords management and optimisation. Analytics, landing pages, and sales funnels can also be handled by professionals. They have provided successful results if they have favorable client referrals.

Most professionals have Google Certified Partner status and flexible payment plans. The best professionals are interested in success for long-term. Shopping cart, ecommerce, data feeds and landing pages are optimised for the best performance. Every aspect of Product Listing Ads is examined to increase ecommerse sales. Some of the areas that are addressed include mobile devices, remarketing, phone call tracking and comparison shopping engines.

AdWords is an effective advertising platform, but many people understand it. For this reason, it may be effective. Clients who must spend more on AdWords to get results are doing something wrong. This is when a professional is helpful. The elements of profitability success with Product Listing Ads include traffic, conversion, support and economics.

Other Tips for Product Listing Ads

For the best results, follow Google’s best practices guide. Data feeds must meet and exceed Google’s minimum merchant center specifications. Product titles are at risk for truncation unless the product titles are kept to 70 characters or less. Product Listing Ad campaigns should be kept separate from other search or display campaigns being run simultaneously. Professionals will organize products by margins, sales price, popularity and profitability.

Consider Using AdWords Product Listing Ads to Boost eCommerse Sales

Product Listing Ads can boost ecommerse sales according to experts. Consider adding images and other information to encourage more clicks on the ads. This is a highly effective way to become more profitable in the New Year.

Nick is an SEM Manager at Search Factory, a Brisbane, Australia based Search Engine Marketing and SEO agency. Nick has seen business have massive success with AdWords product listing ads, and thinks every e-commerce business should be including them in their marketing plan.

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