Bottled Or Mains Fed Water Coolers?

Due to increasing popularity of mains fed water coolers demand has actually reached double the level compared to bottled water coolers.

Mains fed water now has 50% of the total market demand, compared to just a couple of years ago, when this number was much less – just half a million mains fed water coolers were purchased.

So why all of a sudden the urge for companies, businesses and homes to purchase mains fed water coolers rather than bottled water coolers? The advantages and disadvantages for both types of water cooler can be viewed below;

Bottled Water Coolers

Below we illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water coolers;

Advantages: –

  • Excellent source of water – the water originates from the best sources; both from natural springs and/or mineral. This gives the best taste and is most healthy for human consumption
  • Easily portable and can be a big benefit to some companies – may need to move the water bottle cooler(s) to different parts of building
  • Superior product compared with Mains fed water coolers.
  • More suited to smaller offices/homes and usually preferred as they are often cheaper for small scale purposes

Disadvantages: –

  • Relatively expensive in comparison to mains fed water coolers if you have a large office / business with many employees
  • Run out of water – can be an issue if you are supplying staff with water

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing mains fed water coolers;

Advantages: –

  • Much cheaper than bottled water coolers if supplying many staff/office workers/visitors
  • Do not run out as you will have a constant supply and therefore, can be much more convenient that bottled water coolers
  • No storage issues to consider when dealing with mains fed water coolers, unlike the water bottle coolers, where storage can become a potentially be an inconvenience.
  • The mains fed water coolers are filtered and therefore, safe and good to drink when compared to standard tap water.

Disadvantages: –

  • The water itself, though filtered, is not as good in quality or taste compared to bottles
  • Can be more expensive for smaller businesses / offices
  • Not mobile
  • Businesses need high powered mains supply

Mains fed water coolers are now seen by many office managers as a more efficient, less expensive method of supplying staff & visitors with fresh clean drinking water and as budgets tighten.

Every instance of having a water cooler installed will throw up different challenges and needs so in order to find which solution best suits you speaking to an expert provider of water cooler hire should be your next step!

Bronte Water have been providing water coolers to the north fo England for over 20 years, they provide both mains fed water coolers and bottled water coolers.

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