Breast Augmentation Complications

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enhancement or mammaplasty is a medical term for enlargement of breasts. It is a type of cosmetic or plastic surgery which involves placing saline or silicone breast implants in the breasts. They can be placed in two positions, behind the tissues of the breast or beneath the muscles of the chest in order to add shape, size or volume to the breast. It can be done to either make small breasts appear larger or to introduce balance to breasts that may be asymmetrical or for the purpose of restoring fullness that was lost due to various factors such as pregnancy or age.

This is a medical procedure and some complications may arise in the course of this procedure. Some of the complications that may occur include:


This is when the breasts are uneven. It may occur during breast augmentation due to various reasons such as uneven healing. Corrective surgery may be done to solve this problem. This corrective surgery involves injection of your own fat into the breast in a bid to make them more symmetrical.

Double bubble

This is a breast deformity that occurs after surgery and is characterised by one or both implants dropping down to a position below the fold between the breast and the chest (inframammary crease). This therefore creates a line or indentation that runs across the lower part of the breast. This complication may correct on its own or it may require corrective surgery.


When infection occurs, it is usually days or a few weeks after the surgery. It rarely occurs long after surgery and incisions are healed. Treatment of infection immediately it occurs is important otherwise, one may be forced to remove the implant till infection subsides.

Bottoming out

This complication occurs when the implant lies too low which causes the breast nipple to point upwards. Correction for this problem involves a revision surgery which aims at re-creating the pockets that hold the implants within the breast.


This refers to breasts being too closely located to each other. Surgery is in most cases necessary for correction of this condition.


With breast augmentation, a woman’s chances of contracting a rare form of blood cancer may increase. Symptoms of this may include swelling, pain, lumps and asymmetry. Treatment of this involves removal of the implants. Doctor’s advice should be sought should you experience one of these symptoms.

Capsular contracture

Layman’s term for this is breast hardening. It may occur anytime after the surgery in most cases after a few months. The scar tissue creates a capsule which occupies space thereby compressing the implant. This thus causes the breast to look out of shape and the implant may feel hard. In actual sense, the implant is still as it was only that the compression makes it feel as though it has changed and become harder.

In summary, breast augmentation like any other surgery has its pros and cons and your doctor should be able to inform you of both of them. Early treatment of the complications is advised to avoid it from becoming even bigger.

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