Bring A Portable Dance Floor To Your Next Studio Or Performance

Portable Dance Floors are Easy to Set Up

It is easy to snap together the 1 x 1 foot tiles that are expandable to make a dance floor small enough for a home or large enough for use in a ballroom. Flooring is durable enough for special events and all sizes of parties. It is simple to choose the portable dance floor when there are a wide variety of design and color choices to meet your event qualifications. Portable dance floors have a full ramp border structure to provide dancers with a safe transition while entering the floor. Snap together floors are made of a high-grade polypropylene base designed for repetitive removal and installation.

Lightweight Marley Style Dance Floors

Choose a lightweight Marley style vinyl floor that easily rolls up and transports. Marley portable dance floor material works well for tap and classic dance styles. Color choices include white, gray and black. Installing is easy, simply roll out the vinyl sheeting, tape down at the perimeter, and tape the top of the seams to create a fast portable dance surface. Use this for rock n’ roll dancing, tap, ballet and other dance forms like ballroom dancing. When the dance is over, remove the tape, roll up the vinyl onto the core to keep it from wrinkling. Store the floor in a roll until the next event. Many studios use Marley flooring as a sub-base for a wooden floor.

Why Does a Sprung Floor Reduce Injury?

Portable sprung floors use materials designed to absorb shock. The finished surface suspends above the existing hard concrete, hardwood or tile surface. Foam blocks are the most essential part of the portable sprung floor. They absorb energy and create an even area to distribute impact over the entire floor. Space the foam block to eliminate movement in the wooden or vinyl panels. This helps to avoid disrupting other performers’ movements on the dance floor.

The Best Type of Portable Flooring for Dance Studios

A fine sprung floor is essential for every dance studio. During the show, you may not have your studio floor available and you may need to assemble a portable dance floor for your recital. It is important to provide a suitable floor so the dancers can perform at their best. Vinyl flooring placed on top of concrete is not sufficient to protect dancers from injury and provide beautiful results for performances. There is no replacement for real wood and foam block portable dance floors. Most flooring producers make installation easy and straightforward. Maple or ash wood makes an ideal flooring material for ballroom dancing, while maple is preferred for tap dance due to its hard composition. Birch wood is a good option available for ballet and all other styles of dance. This wood works well as a dance floor when placed above vinyl Marley sub-flooring.

Revolutionary Cable-Tuned Portable Flooring

The new cable-tuned system is set up without fastening any joints to the existing surface. The subfloor and wood dance floor transports to any studio or performance with nominal energy and time. This is a completely portable flooring system. The floor is adjustable by columns and rows that attach to the floor with a clamp. The cables run along the length underneath the floor.

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