Britain’s Greatest River Rapids Runs For Canoeing And Kayaking

Europe is famous for its water activities that include canoeing and kayaking. One of the most fascinating countries where these two water sports are famous for is Great Britain. From its majestic rivers to sight-to-see natural wonders, these two sports can be fun in the most holistic way. Here are Britain’s Greatest River Rapid Runs for Canoeing and Kayaking:

River Wye

This river is the 5th longest in the United Kingdom. This is the most visited and popular place in Great Britain and was awarded as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation. This river is so rich in natural resources where different kinds of plants and animal species are seen. Visiting this tourist spot is a way to get in touch with nature combined with tranquil beauty.

Attractions: Aside from canoeing and kayaking, there are other ways to enjoy this location. Sun bathing on the beaches at the river mouth is famous during summer and warm months. The rocky places and platforms surrounding the area is good for fishing and other explorations.

Canoeing and Kayaking Guide: The River Wye is a long river so it is divided into sections of different rapids. There is section from Hereford to Ross where there are fewer rapids. This is a great way to do some sightseeing with less paddling. It is also perfect for family trips especially when kids are around. Another section is the Glasbury to Hay and Wye to Herford. In this area, few riffles are present and water flows at a faster rate. This adds a bit of adventure and is great for travel with friends.

River Swale

This river has been long known for its splendid water activities. It is located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where its upper section lies between Angram Common and Birkdale Common. Water levels vary from shallow to medium level and sections differ in rapid characteristics.

Canoeing and Kayaking Guide: A gentle kayak or canoe paddle can be done by going to the section stretching from Reeth to Richmond. At this location, there are fewer rapids as you go along the end to Richmond. There are also plenty of places to rest after a paddle if you would like to grab a coffee.

This river is more likely to be more aggressive compared to others. There is a section in the Rainby Force that requires a fast exit downstream. This section is good for extreme action and power paddling. Another strong section is in the Swaledale Valley where waves move in different directions as they gorges into the center. This creates a force that pushes paddling strategies to a higher level.

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is located between Ireland and Great Britain. This place is said to be the newest tourist spot for water activities and is visited often for its serene environment. During hot weather, sharks often visit this place which makes it one of the most exciting sights to see.

Myth: The Isle of Man is situated right in the middle of two countries. Actually, this island is not located in two countries and it has its own unique identity. It has its own flag and national symbol indicating that it is an individual island.

How to travel: There are two ways to travel there either by air or sea. There are many available airline flights in the United Kingdom and Ireland that require only about 30 minutes or less to travel there. For those interested in sea travel, a ferry service is also available in North England and Dublin. This could take more time but offers a more relaxed environment.

Among the top 3 places for canoeing and kayaking in Britain, each location has its own special features. Visitors can to enjoy these fantastic locations for a relaxed time as well as enjoy thrilling water activities for everyone. For a fun-filled vacation, choose a location that can be enjoyed by all from young to old.

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