Building A Custom Built Home

Having a custom home built requires a few more steps, but it is worth because you are able to get the home of dreams without having to settle.

Find a Lot and Design a Plan

The first thing you need to do is find a location.  Call some local realtors, and tell them you are looking to buy land where you can have a custom home built.  It is important you tell them because not every community will allow you to build what you want.  Also, ask for builders who give you a discount on the land if you use their services.

Once you find the property you want to build on, you can start designing your home.  Make sure the builder you choose to use will work with you from foundation to landscaping.  The builder should be able to take a rough sketch of what you want and turn into blueprints of your future home.  Allow the builder to make suggestions because it is their job, and they could possibly save you money in areas with which you are not familiar.

Choosing the Features of Your Home without Going over Your Budget

After deciding on the style and design of your home, you can start picking out features and amenities that suit you and your family.  There are questionnaires online to help you eliminate and choose what kind features you would like in your home.  Be careful not to get stressed because this should be a fun time for you and your family.

Building a custom home has many advantages, but it also can let you fall into the trap of going over your budget.  Let your builder know what your budget is, so they can help you save money on certain things.  They should know how much each costs.  Then give the builder at least three weeks to accommodate your budget with what you want.  Look over everything with the builder, so there is no miscommunication.

Contact a Financial Institution

After coming up with a budget or even before, find a financial institution that will give you a loan.  Meet with the bank and the builder, so that everyone is on the same page.  This will make the building process run more smoothly and efficiently.

Proposal and Contract

Once the budget, floor plans and features are put together a final proposal will be made.  Have a meeting with the builder to discuss every step of the building process.  Let the builder talk first, and then you can ask questions or change things.  The final proposal should take about a week to complete, and the builder should give you a copy of it when it is finished.

Now a contract can be drawn up and signed between you and all parties involved in the building of your home.  The bank will then set up a draw schedule for you to provide the builder with the appropriate funds.  Each draw will be monitored by the bank, and the final draw will not be made until you receive the Certificate of Occupancy once the home is completed.

During the building process you can make minor adjustments, but remember to keep in mind your budget.  Keeping watch over the construction of your home, also keeps the builder honest.

Miss Kunze is a writer who lives in the south with her husband.  One topic she writes about in new home builders in Las Vegas like Dunhill Homes.

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